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Dogs on Thursday: Squeaky Crackle Frog

These are just some quick shots of Remy from this morning. Every morning she has a little spaz-fest, grabbing a toy and tearing around the house with it while I feint and pretend to catch her.

Remy's current favorite toy is Squeaky Crackle Frog. This is a Ty beanie for dogs, stuffed with a squeaker and crackly paper inside. This is the one toy, knock on wood, that she hasn't attempted to de-stuff. The best part about it is that she actually looks like she's carrying around a dead frog; it made the husband slightly squeamish the first few days due to how realistic it actually looks.


Do you see the mischief in these eyes?

And then it's over; the frog is done for, the game is done....

P.S. Just as a reminder, if anyone is interested in donating to my MS Bike tour or Walk for Animals, here is the original entry.


LOL! I love the dead Crackle frog.
I have to go find it for Elise!

I saw it, it was there!

That is too cute!!!

Cute pics!

Cute pics!