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Dogs on Thursday: The Tail (har de har har) of Woe

That's my boy....


Whether it's typical of all Great Danes, or just Marmaduke and Payton, I don't know. But Payton definitely needs someone to tell his troubles to, and it's usually me (momma's boy that he is...)

Since I don't have any pictures of my own kids today, I'll send you over to photographer Erin Vey's blog, where her Great Dane, Gracie, also needs someone to tell her problems to.

And, just because it seems to fit the theme, here's today's "Red and Rover":


Plus, don't forget my little contest....


Enjoyed the comics you posted.

LOL! I looove the comics today!

Rover one is our Elise.
I will save that one for my Husband.