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Puppy Mills on Oprah

Apparently tomorrow's Oprah will be worth watching. She'll be doing a show on puppy mills, and why buying from a pet store is problematic. I'm hoping that she has a lot of fanatic viewers who will tell their friends not to buy a puppy from a pet store because they heard about it on Oprah. While I don't always like the idea of one person having that much influence over the mass of society, if she can make an impact on the puppy mill business, the more power to her.

Here is what the Best Friends Sanctuary recommends:

Let’s help the Oprah show have the biggest impact possible!
Actions to take before the show
Get as many potential puppy buyers as possible to tune in to Oprah’s show—target people who may not know about puppy mills, and/or may be shopping for a puppy.

Take advantage of free classifieds by placing as many ads as possible. Post notices on Craigslist.com, local news boards, freecycle,—anywhere that people might go to look for a pet to buy. Below is a sample ad (be sure to put in the correct time):

Are you in the market for a puppy? Watch the Oprah Winfrey show on
Friday, April 4th! (insert correct time here). Friday’s episode is all about buying puppies and dogs!

Actions to take after the show
1.) Post more information in the SAME free online publications. Give people more information on how they can help, how they can avoid puppy mills, and how they can get involved with Best Friends’ campaign. Below is a sample ad:

Did you see Oprah Winfrey’s April 4th show about puppy mills?
Go to www.network.bestfriends.org/truth to learn how to make sure your dog doesn’t come from a puppy mill

2.) Post the above comment on Oprah’s web community here: http://www.oprah.com/community/thread/44908