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Combination: Fourth mystery flower and birdie babies

The babies are getting bigger. I don't know how there's room for the three of them plus momma. Here are some beaks, and just because, a gratuitous butt shot:

(As always, click the pictures to see them "real" sized)

20080629-DSC_0142.jpg 20080629-DSC_0143.jpg 20080629-DSC_0144.jpg

My only regret about being gone next week is the chance that I'll miss them fledging. I just love having the babies around; I've not managed to photograph the mourning dove young-uns, but they're very cute too.

And here is the fourth mystery flower; I originally thought it was part of the pink one, but this is a completely different plant.

20080629-DSC_0146.jpg 20080629-DSC_0147.jpg

The first picture is the flower alone, and the second is of it with the pink mystery flower.


I am just amazed how good photos you have taken, please post some more photos onto you blog! Thanks again.

Your photos are good enough to be in National Geographic! Photographing birds is hard enough at the best of times, but when they are so well hidden, you must have an excellent lens on your camera! Love the butt photo - lol!