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Dogs on Thursday: "Not my Dog"

Today's edition of DoT features other dogs we run into at the park. These pics are from the past two trips we've had to the river park.



This guy fishes for minnows. He spends minutes at a time watching for them and sticking his nose in. I don't know how successful he is, but he's sure cute to watch.



I just loved her markings. She's a younger pup, and wanted to play with everyone. Here she was playing with a person who was skipping rocks. It doesn't matter that the rock-skipper was skipping rocks for her pup...this little charmer wanted to play.



These two are siblings. The younger little golden has really bonded to her older sister. The lab kept chasing the ball, and the golden just needed to be with her. See the real dogpaddle in the first picture? The golden was a failed foster from RAGOM, the same rescue group Remy came from. She was apparently a puppy mill rescue, and is super-shy around people. Her foster mom decided just to adopt her rather than traumatize her with going to yet another home. Her foster mom also asked me what it was like having two big dogs...I told her my philosophy of always having at least 2 dogs so I'll never be dogless, but that I don't like 3. Having 2 is fine, and any number over 3 is fine. But with three dogs, someone always gets left out, no matter what the activity is.



Size is everything to some kids. The stickless lab in the first shot just wanted to play too, but the stick-owner would have none of it. My kids, in picture 2, just wonder what the heck he's doing with a stick that big.


I only got one shot of this one, because he left the water as I was gearing up for a second shot. He had been laying down, and was so clearly enjoying just...being.


That looks like a fun place to take dogs. Good to see them having such a great time.

Great pictures! They sure looked as if they are having so much fun in the water!

What great pictures!
They sure are having fun!

What fun pics! Charlotte can be like the golden and a bit shy especially when she's by herself. WHen she's with Wilbur she runs and plays and has fun.

Oh what fun!! Char is like the golden and very fearful unless she's with Wilbur, then she runs and plays and has fun.

Hi - those are pretty pups. Only one of mine likes water. I'm off to scroll through and find pics of your babies. g