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Dogs on Thurs...Friday: Remy update

I took a vacation day yesterday, and the kids and I went to the river park. This is Remy's favorite place in the whole world (well, any body of water is....). Two and three weeks ago, she barely made it down and back (there's a 1/2 mile hike down to the river, then a 1/2 mile hike back up to the car, plus another 1/2 mile or so along the beach down and back). That was before the meds.

I am still very worried about her being on Deramax because of liver and kidney issues, but man, is it ever working for her. She's a whole new dog. She was running and laughing and leaping and playing yesterday like I haven't seen her do for a while. It just filled my heart to see her so happy again.

In this shot (I don't have Adobe Lightroom accessible at this very moment, so I apologize for the crappy photo), you can see her taking off for the last leg to the river; Payton is just ahead to the left, partially obscured by a tree. This is pretty much the point they abandon me and just get to the water as fast as possible. This is the first time she raced to the water, which is one of the ways I knew something was not quite right.


A guy who passed me soon after the kids raced by him commented that I'd never be able to get them back up the hill at the rate they were going. :-)

The river had been pretty high fairly late in the summer, so we took a while before going down there this year. Now, though, it's actually pretty low; it seems like we maybe had a total of 4 inches of rain all July (that's probably grossly inaccurate, but just saying how it feels). Remy had to go pretty far out at some points to actually be able to swim rather than just wade.


As I mentioned, water is just about Remy's favorite thing. She'd have a very difficult choice if she had to choose between people or water.... On our way back up the beach, she decided to do some swimming while Payton and I walked. She swam with us for about 50 yards. I call her my little river otter (thanks Kristi!).


And of course, once she gets out of the water, she has to give a good shake. I'm going to try to get a little animation going, but for now, this was my favorite "shake, shake, shake" shot. She never chooses anyplace convenient...if there are people around, she usually finds someone to shake on or snuggle up against. In this case, I was hoping to get some fun rainbow/spray in sunlight shots, but of course, she had to shake in the shade.


Nonetheless, both kids had a great time, and my little Remy girl was still able to move yesterday afternoon/evening. We'll definitely be looking into holistic medicine as time goes on, and I want to drop her down to a more "as needed" dosage of meds, but just seeing her enjoying herself like that again was so wonderful.

remypaws.gif paytonpaw.gif

(The kids wanted to sign off on this post...I'll let you figure out which print belongs to which pup.)


Yay! So far, so good!