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This woman was at the vet when I was there with Remy. She had one of her cats with her. We were chatting about the three super-cute little black kittens available for adoption when she mentioned that she had a litter at home...babies having babies was the essence of her chatter.

At the same time, there was a young man (mid-late twenties) with an adorable yellow lab puppy. The pup had been going through diarrhea and vomiting phases, which isn't atypical for pups...but it appeared that this young man was a first time puppy owner, so was concerned. This wasn't the problem; the problem was the pup is 7 weeks, and he'd had him for about a week, meaning weaned at 6 weeks. And he got him from "a guy over in ..... " Um, can you say backyard breeder?