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Dogs on Thursday: How Remy Gets Her Grrr Back

dog fall walk.jpg

As she's been getting older, Remy has become more vocal when she lays down. The other night, she emitted a particularly long groaning sigh, which made the husband comment that her grrr was completely deflated. Well, we couldn't have that! Imagine having a pupper without it's grrr.


So, we had to crank the grr back into action. First, she has to be on her back. Then, just slide your feet under her rear end and raise your toes ever so slightly.


After just a few little bumps with your feet, she picks up and gets her grrr going again.




This procedure is the best way to get Remy's grrr back when it's been deflated. The flailing limbs act as a motor crank, and the grrr just comes flowing back in as though it had never been gone.


That cranking procedure made me laugh! She seems to really enjoy getting her grrr back.

Remy looks like she got her grrr back and then some.

LOL! Grr...come to think of it, I've hardly heard any grrr from mine. Mostly yips and yaps.

So Sweet! Just like a little teddy-bear! Grr! That's so cute! ~ Robyn

So Sweet! Just like a little teddy-bear! Grr! That's so cute! ~ Robyn

Oh Danielle...I loved your photos of Remy...getting her gggrrrr back!!! She's so playful!!!Remy is adorable!
How old is she?

cute pics!

Thank goodness the procedure worked! Remy cannot be without her grrrr.

We call that rolling-on-back legs-in-the-air "cockroaching" (or, more accurately for us, cock-a-roaching, as in "Are you a cock-a-roach???")

The dogs make us think of bugs on their backs, though fortunately, I've never heard vocalizing from a roach.

How sweet! Remy is adorable!

How sweet! Remy is adorable!