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Dogs on Thursday: Light Games

Earlier this fall, I was sitting outside with the dogs, enjoying some late afternoon weekend sun. Payton was being cling-boy like usual, so I got some pictures of "me and my shadow" (har de har har).



Then, inside, Remy was being very cute in the lamplight, so I had to get some shots of her (these are without flash).




Oh wow! I love those pictures! Very creative with the shadow shots!
Remey has such a sweet face.

I LOVE the Remy profile pic!

Wow, love the shadow idea, very cool and of course both of them are cute!

Great shadow photos

Aw, precios pics!!
Hope you have a great DoT day!

Good pics. I've gotten some of my best pictures of Bouncer without a flash.

I got a chuckle out of the shadow pictures and the pun!

Your Remy looks beautiful in the lamp light!

How adorable!! What great pictures!!!