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Dogs on Thursday: Remy cuteness

I didn't think I had any pictures handy for today's DoT. But when I loaded my pictures (for my next post), viola! There were some pictures of Remy being cute (and a little bit of Payton, too).

These were all taken about the same time...she didn't move between shots. If you look closely at the one with Payton, you'll see just the faintest bit of pink belly. Remy was sitting up on her haunches, then sort of flopped over onto the edge of the couch. Silly puppy.





Awww aren't they the cutest!! :)

Sooo cute!

Sooo cute!

I love your guys. Is the Payton part dane? Beautiful babies. g

Around here, the technical term for that is "flopsy bebe". :)

Awwww looks like nap time! What cuties!