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Dogs on Thursday: Doggy Fashion

I went to the 2009 Knit and Crochet Out at the Mall from Hell...oops, Mall of America, this weekend. I've read lots of reviews about how glorious it was, with the fiber-feeling, and classes, and knitters/crocheters, oh my. But honestly, I didn't enjoy it. But, that's for another post...this is Dogs on Thursday.

The part that I did enjoy was the fashion show, especially the dog fashion show. The pups were all therapy dogs, and handled the crowds and outfit changes with grace and aplomb. Please see my Flickr set for more pictures, but here are some of my faves. (I apologize for the poor quality...I didn't realize it was so dark, and there was one woman I just couldn't get around to take decent shots.) As always, click the picture for a larger image.


The Briard in skull and crossbones:


The Sheltie in a skunk outfit:


And the Samoyed as a devil (she was also a diva earlier on...):


I probably wouldn't ever make any of these for my dogs (I knit Payton a sweater once, but that will probably never happen again, especially since he doesn't seem to need it anyway), but they were definitely fun to watch and a highlight of the day.


What a riot! I get the Knitting Daily e-mail and they had some pictures from this doggy fashion show too.

love the outfits!! i'm not a fan of any mall :)

I will never knit my dogs sweaters, although I have for other dogs - like ones that have skin rather than fur.

Too funny. There is some cute dog clothes out. g

High fashion at it's best.
Happy DOT
Love Claudie

I've been to that mall and it is the Mall from ***. Love the skunk outfit. That is so adorable.

That had to be fun, even if the rest of the mall trip wasn't. Some dogs look so cute in sweaters, others look like they're being tortured.

Oh what cute outfit!! Especially love the devil dog..lol Beuatiful dog!
Have a Happy DoT Day!

love the doggie couture!