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Sad without pups

There was an interesting contrast in today's comics "Red and Rover" and "Marmaduke." (Click to see larger versions.)



I saw "Red and Rover" first, to which my reaction was, "that's how I feel every day, too." I'm lucky enough to be able to bring the kids in on occasion, but we have one person with allergies, and one person who really isn't a "pet person," so I try not to abuse the privilege (plus, other pups also come in, so it's not just my dogs all the time).

Then, when I saw Marmaduke, my reaction was, "I wish my kids could go shopping with me." I actually saw a service dog at the grocery store last night. Not a seeing-eye dog, because the owner was actually reading things. But he was carrying something in his mouth and was so cute. A BIG golden. Tall, like our Marley was, but solid (not overweight at all) too. Beautiful friend.

I do wish America could get over this "dogs are dirty" mentality we seem to have. Rather than moving closer to a European model, I've seen at least 3 examples in the last week of more crack-downs. The most disheartening one personally was the one reported by OhMiDog! where Sunday dog days had to end at a sports bar because other bars were calling the Dept of Health to see how they could do something similar.

I'd be more than happy to patronize any business that is pet allowable. I go to Home Despot because I can bring my kids (I don't usually, but by choice, not by policy). Can't we allow restaraunts to be designated pet friendly, and if someone objects, they are free to eat elsewhere? Probably not, but it's a nice dream.