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Yarn Harlot humor

I love this post by Stephanie McPhee about a sweater knitting escapade. Take your time reading it...her humor is certainly lovely.

But beyond that, I just died when I read one of the comments: "That sounds a bit like my rabbit agility students last night trying to guide their rabbits through the course. To go left, put your right foot out to tell the rabbit to also go left (away from the foot), only this means you have to remember both the direction (left) you want to go and to use the opposite (right) foot. My poor beginners were having issues - "is it 'go left use right foot to guide', or 'go right use left foot to guide'? Luckily, most of the grade goes to the rabbits, who generally did just fine. :)"

Turns out there is such a thing as rabbit agility:

Who knew?


That's one smart bunny!