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Reading Log: Dreamdark: Silksinger by Laini Taylor


Dreamdark: Silksinger (Faeries of Dreamdark) by Laini Taylor

It's a pretty telling thing when a book sticks with you, even through a massage and another books. I've been waiting for Silksinger since reading Faeries of Dreamdark: Blackbringer about a year ago. I love the Dreamdark world, the fairies and their legends and tales. I was a little afraid that we wouldn't see Magpie Windwitch and the crows in this sequel, but that fear was completely unfounded. As the Magruwen's champion, Magpie has to be a part of this story too, and the new characters, Whisper Silksinger and Hirik Mothmage are wonderful.

The Azazel is the Djinn of the hour in Silksinger. Magpie and her crow companions, and Talon from Blackbringer have found the Djinn Ithuriel, with the help of the imp Batch. Magpie bribed Batch into helping (Batch can find things that he wants to) by promising him a pair of wings. Upon returning through the Moonlit Gardens (the gateway between life and death), Magpie discovers that the last of the Silksinger clan is guarding the Azazel and bringing him to his ancient home of Nazneen. Magpie knows that Whisper is being hunted by all manner of demons ("snags" in the language of Dreamdark) on someone's orders.

Whisper, in the meantime, is trying desperately to get to Nazneen, but without coin or anything but the kettle holding the Azazel, can't get a ride in any of the caravans. After trying several tactics, she stows away in the same caravan that Hirik has become a mercenary for. Hirik also has a secret...he is of the Mothmage clan, the same clan that legend has it refused to help the dragon Fade, and has now become a clan in exile. Hirik also wants to reach Nazneen in order to become the champion of the Azazel and reclaim his clan's honor--the clan knows the truth, that they were incapacitated by magic in the rubies that the rest of the faeries believe the Mothmage clan was paid off to stay out of the war.

Ultimately, Magpie, Hirik, and Whisper all end up in Nazneen. While she is returning the Azazel to his throne, Whisper is captured by the devils who have been hunting her, and taken before Ethiag, the demon commander. She is not alone in her prison, as the Master has also kept the Firedrakes in prison since the defeat of Fade...the Master uses leeches to gather the Firedrake's blood, the only thing keeping him alive through the centuries. Ethiag demands that Whisper sing him a flying carpet (the specialty of the Silksingers), which does, but she weaves in an undertone of wrong-ness.

In the ultimate pages, Magpie learns about betrayal and lives through the death of a dear friend. Her quest ultimately succeeds, but I can't wait to read the next volume.

I loved Silksinger as much as I loved Blackbringer about a year ago. Taylor's writing is very enjoyable, keeping me engaged in the story. But her writing is so evocative, that I kept thinking of the book through the massage I had later in the afternoon. It stuck with me that much.