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Moving the blog address

New location: http://thedancingdane.blogspot.com

I've been on the UThink platform for six years now, and have been pretty darn happy here. Because the system was developed by one of the library tech guys, I've been able to get some pretty individualized support, and I really enjoy staying local, as it were.

But, I suppose, all things must come to an end. Blogger's recent integration with Amazon.com associates is an opportunity too good to pass up. I've always struggled with incorporating my associates links into my blog entries (the images never quite showed up right without some major html tweaking), and the ease of Blogger's Amazon widge is too compelling.

I also have some concerns about the longer term efficacy of using this blog. I believe my UM login will follow me when I leave the University, but I can't guarantee that. So, I'm moving to Blogger.

At the moment, I don't plan to move this blog over. At least, I haven't seen that I can do so easily. I may go back in at some point and try manually moving things, but I have over 500 posts, so that may not actually happen.