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We watched Dug...I mean...Up yesterday


We got Up from Netflix. The movie is definitely charming, and not really what I expected at all. The disappointment for us, though, is that the Pixar short feature "Dug's Special Mission" was not included with the Netflix disc. So, when I saw the movie for $9 at Target, with not one, but TWO shorts, I grabbed it.

Dug was definitely my favorite--SQUIRREL!--character in the movie. I could probably gripe for a while about the use of dobes and rotties and bulldogs as the "bad guys," but I won't, this time. (And the image was somewhat mitigated by Alpha's misfunctioning collar that created "helium voice.")

The one place I couldn't suspend disbelief was with the character of Charles Munz. (Okay, I also had problems with dogs serving dinner and flying airplanes, but I can get over that.) Anyway, Munz was probably in his mid-twenties or so when Carl Frederickson would have first heard about the Spirit of Adventure and Paradise Falls at age 5 or 7. So, when Frederickson meets Munz some 70 years later, Munz should be nearer to his deathbed at age 90 or so. Instead, he looks like he is 20 years younger than Frederickson. Maybe he found some anti-aging technology in his search for the bird?

I also found it a little sad that Carl didn't begin his adventure until after Ellie was gone. They promised each other they would go to Paradise Falls to live, but they never did. If animated characters can't live together in their dream location, what hope to us real-world-schmoes have?

Finally, the phrase "Adventure is out there!" struck me as a not-quite-as-clever as Toy Story's "to infinity and beyond!" exclamation. I don't see "Adventure is out there" catching on in quite the same way....

Overall, though, the movie was fun and kept us entertained through the entire thing. And "Dug's Special Mission" does contribute to the film in a quite meaningful way; in some ways, I wish it were an actual part of the movie, but regardless, I was glad to see it.

UPDATE: We actually watched it again the following night, and it really held up. Actually, there is a lot of subtle animation going on, and it pays to watch closely for extra little gems of details.