May 21, 2009

Dogs on Thursday: Piles of Pups from Mochimochi Land

I don't have any pics of my pups, or even of my mom's girls (who were just here visiting), but fortunately, Anna in Mochimochi Land saved the day with her "Piles of Pups" announcement. Click on the link to be taken to the store. You better believe I've already bought the pattern. :-) I've purchased her patterns before, and can say that they are well designed and easy to follow.


April 2, 2009

Dogs on Thursday: Toshiba on 4/1

I loved Toshiba's April Fool's entry this year (or maybe every year...I don't keep up with these things):

(click the image to go to the full webpage, though I don't know how long it will be there)

Toshiba-PetBook-K9-2.gif Toshiba-PetBook-K9-3.gif

The Petbook includes delicious rawhide casings and bark2txt options.

February 19, 2009

Dogs on Thursday: Doggy Fashion

I went to the 2009 Knit and Crochet Out at the Mall from Hell...oops, Mall of America, this weekend. I've read lots of reviews about how glorious it was, with the fiber-feeling, and classes, and knitters/crocheters, oh my. But honestly, I didn't enjoy it. But, that's for another post...this is Dogs on Thursday.

The part that I did enjoy was the fashion show, especially the dog fashion show. The pups were all therapy dogs, and handled the crowds and outfit changes with grace and aplomb. Please see my Flickr set for more pictures, but here are some of my faves. (I apologize for the poor quality...I didn't realize it was so dark, and there was one woman I just couldn't get around to take decent shots.) As always, click the picture for a larger image.


The Briard in skull and crossbones:


The Sheltie in a skunk outfit:


And the Samoyed as a devil (she was also a diva earlier on...):


I probably wouldn't ever make any of these for my dogs (I knit Payton a sweater once, but that will probably never happen again, especially since he doesn't seem to need it anyway), but they were definitely fun to watch and a highlight of the day.

February 12, 2009

Dogs on Thursday: My kind of humor

Sorry, still no pics of my kids (though I have some cute ones once I get them uploaded). But this recent Dog Eat Doug strip sure is my kind of humor:


(Click to see it larger)

January 22, 2009

Dogs on Thursday: Toenails

No pics of my kids today, but I did think that many of us dog people could sympatize with today's re-run For Better or For Worse:


Relatively speaking, Remy is a little angel about getting her nails cut. But she did pull back at a crucial time a couple weeks ago, and the quick got nipped. Thank goodness for QuickStop and booties. Payton, on the other hand, acts like you're cutting off an entire toe. Both Danes we've had have been really funny about toenail clipping...they actually fold their toes under them and hide. It's too cute, if you're the one observing and not trying to do the clipping...

January 8, 2009

Dogs on Thursday: Remy cuteness

I didn't think I had any pictures handy for today's DoT. But when I loaded my pictures (for my next post), viola! There were some pictures of Remy being cute (and a little bit of Payton, too).

These were all taken about the same time...she didn't move between shots. If you look closely at the one with Payton, you'll see just the faintest bit of pink belly. Remy was sitting up on her haunches, then sort of flopped over onto the edge of the couch. Silly puppy.




December 18, 2008

Dogs on Thursday: Couches


What? Doesn't everyone sleep on the floor so their dogs can have the couch?

We just have a separate couch for the kids. And we so rarely have company, that when people do come over, we struggle to convince the kids that people are allowed to be on the couch without K9 company....

See what I mean? (Please excuse the disaster of the house...Remy had just disemboweled a few softies, not to mention the lingering fluff from a few other dead toys.)


December 4, 2008

Dogs on Thursday: Light Games

Earlier this fall, I was sitting outside with the dogs, enjoying some late afternoon weekend sun. Payton was being cling-boy like usual, so I got some pictures of "me and my shadow" (har de har har).



Then, inside, Remy was being very cute in the lamplight, so I had to get some shots of her (these are without flash).



September 18, 2008

Dogs on Thursday: How Remy Gets Her Grrr Back

dog fall walk.jpg

As she's been getting older, Remy has become more vocal when she lays down. The other night, she emitted a particularly long groaning sigh, which made the husband comment that her grrr was completely deflated. Well, we couldn't have that! Imagine having a pupper without it's grrr.


So, we had to crank the grr back into action. First, she has to be on her back. Then, just slide your feet under her rear end and raise your toes ever so slightly.


After just a few little bumps with your feet, she picks up and gets her grrr going again.




This procedure is the best way to get Remy's grrr back when it's been deflated. The flailing limbs act as a motor crank, and the grrr just comes flowing back in as though it had never been gone.

September 11, 2008

Dogs on Thursday: One for Each

Tuesday offered a comic for each of my kids.


Red and Rover by Bryan Basset 9/9/08

Remy takes walks with a mission. The mission is the walk. The only things she allows to distract her from the mission are squirrels. She even remembers trees where she saw squirrels once, and will vigorously investigate it if we pass that tree again.


DeD Payton.gif
Dog Eat Doug by Brian Anderson 9/9/08

Payton is the biggest chicken. Unfortunately, he still thinks he gets to be boss at the dogpark, but at home, he is afraid of his own shadow. Sarcasm may have led to the bed incident....

August 28, 2008

Dogs on Thursday: the Squeaky Toy

I loved this strip:


As with many pups, Remy is a destuffer/desqueaker. But she loves it nonetheless. And even when a toy is technically "dead," she still plays with the raggedy, empty shell. When she first gets a new squeaky toy, it has a specific name: "Go get the hedgie!" or "Go get the elephant!" But once it's dead, it turns into a generic "thing": "Go get a thing!"

And she always knows what to bring us!

August 14, 2008

Dogs on Thursday: "Not my Dog"

Today's edition of DoT features other dogs we run into at the park. These pics are from the past two trips we've had to the river park.



This guy fishes for minnows. He spends minutes at a time watching for them and sticking his nose in. I don't know how successful he is, but he's sure cute to watch.



I just loved her markings. She's a younger pup, and wanted to play with everyone. Here she was playing with a person who was skipping rocks. It doesn't matter that the rock-skipper was skipping rocks for her pup...this little charmer wanted to play.



These two are siblings. The younger little golden has really bonded to her older sister. The lab kept chasing the ball, and the golden just needed to be with her. See the real dogpaddle in the first picture? The golden was a failed foster from RAGOM, the same rescue group Remy came from. She was apparently a puppy mill rescue, and is super-shy around people. Her foster mom decided just to adopt her rather than traumatize her with going to yet another home. Her foster mom also asked me what it was like having two big dogs...I told her my philosophy of always having at least 2 dogs so I'll never be dogless, but that I don't like 3. Having 2 is fine, and any number over 3 is fine. But with three dogs, someone always gets left out, no matter what the activity is.



Size is everything to some kids. The stickless lab in the first shot just wanted to play too, but the stick-owner would have none of it. My kids, in picture 2, just wonder what the heck he's doing with a stick that big.


I only got one shot of this one, because he left the water as I was gearing up for a second shot. He had been laying down, and was so clearly enjoying just...being.

August 8, 2008

Dogs on Thurs...Friday: Remy update

I took a vacation day yesterday, and the kids and I went to the river park. This is Remy's favorite place in the whole world (well, any body of water is....). Two and three weeks ago, she barely made it down and back (there's a 1/2 mile hike down to the river, then a 1/2 mile hike back up to the car, plus another 1/2 mile or so along the beach down and back). That was before the meds.

I am still very worried about her being on Deramax because of liver and kidney issues, but man, is it ever working for her. She's a whole new dog. She was running and laughing and leaping and playing yesterday like I haven't seen her do for a while. It just filled my heart to see her so happy again.

In this shot (I don't have Adobe Lightroom accessible at this very moment, so I apologize for the crappy photo), you can see her taking off for the last leg to the river; Payton is just ahead to the left, partially obscured by a tree. This is pretty much the point they abandon me and just get to the water as fast as possible. This is the first time she raced to the water, which is one of the ways I knew something was not quite right.


A guy who passed me soon after the kids raced by him commented that I'd never be able to get them back up the hill at the rate they were going. :-)

The river had been pretty high fairly late in the summer, so we took a while before going down there this year. Now, though, it's actually pretty low; it seems like we maybe had a total of 4 inches of rain all July (that's probably grossly inaccurate, but just saying how it feels). Remy had to go pretty far out at some points to actually be able to swim rather than just wade.


As I mentioned, water is just about Remy's favorite thing. She'd have a very difficult choice if she had to choose between people or water.... On our way back up the beach, she decided to do some swimming while Payton and I walked. She swam with us for about 50 yards. I call her my little river otter (thanks Kristi!).


And of course, once she gets out of the water, she has to give a good shake. I'm going to try to get a little animation going, but for now, this was my favorite "shake, shake, shake" shot. She never chooses anyplace convenient...if there are people around, she usually finds someone to shake on or snuggle up against. In this case, I was hoping to get some fun rainbow/spray in sunlight shots, but of course, she had to shake in the shade.


Nonetheless, both kids had a great time, and my little Remy girl was still able to move yesterday afternoon/evening. We'll definitely be looking into holistic medicine as time goes on, and I want to drop her down to a more "as needed" dosage of meds, but just seeing her enjoying herself like that again was so wonderful.

remypaws.gif paytonpaw.gif

(The kids wanted to sign off on this post...I'll let you figure out which print belongs to which pup.)

May 8, 2008

Dogs on Thursday: Walk for Animals


(Click for a larger view)

Saturday, May 3, was the Animal Humane Society's annual Walk for Animals. We were all geared up to walk in nasty, cold weather. Friday it rained all day, and the forecast for Saturday was more of same. But Saturday dawned clear and cool. Windy, a little chilly, but SUNNY. Yay sun!

I was actually pretty bad about photographing the events. I caught a picture of two Canada geese and a picture of a new sparrow for me to ID, but really didn't get any pictures of the event itself except the three below. That's too bad, because there were actually a lot of things to take pictures of: the pony, the goat, the alligators, the ferrets, the cats, the birds, and the dogs dogs dogs dogs who were participating. (The pony made me realize that I am actually pretty accurate when I correct people who say Payton is a horse...I tell them he's just a pony cause he's only a "Mediocre Dane.")

One of the pictures is of the pot bellied pig we saw, and Remy deciding to take a break in the wading pool. At first she was happy to just drink. But with only a little encouragement, she waded, then lay down. I was actually half expecting her to roll completely over, but she managed to wet her back even without that extreme. Remy's pool antics earned her nearly as much attention as Payton gets on a regular basis. She elicited quite a few chuckles and "oh, I just have to get a picture of this" comments. Payton and I just stood and waited until she decided she was ready to continue.




May 1, 2008

Dogs on Thursday: Leashes

One of my daily comic strip reads is Dog Eat Doug. Several syndicates require a two-week lag to allow cartoonists to publish online, and this happens to be one of them. Even though I read this strip on Tuesday this week, it's original date was 4/15. (Click for a larger view.)


Leashes inspire the utmost excitement for my kids. Leashes mean GOING SOMEWHERE, or that SOMETHING IS HAPPENING. Both of the kids go completely nuts, and no peace will be had until the SOMETHING happens.

Once the leashes are on, however, the tables turn. Now, leashes are the restraint, that which is preventing the kids from enjoying the world the WAY IT WAS MEANT TO BE ENJOYED. Payton has been known to completely forget what "come" means when he doesn't want to leave the dog park and he sees me adjust the leashes for leaving. "Oh, you meant stop having fun and be restrained again. I thought you meant let's keep playing for a while."

Is there any analog in the human world for what leashes mean to dogs? Is there anything we get completely crazy excited about only to feel restrained and oppressed by later? The only thing that comes to my mind is the depression that some people feel right after the craziness of Christmas morning has passed.

[Philosophical pondering aside, I love Sophie's question in this strip. Instead of the "My dog is smarter than your honor student" bumper sticker, I want one that reads "My dogs are better behaved than your children."]

April 24, 2008

Dogs on Thursday: Entry Redux

I confess, I'm a slacker. I don't have anything new for DoT. However, since I just saw on the interwebs/tubes/thingy that today is "Take Your Child to Work" Day, I thought it might be appropriate to refer back to this post: "Take your dog-ter to work."

I still work at the same place, and still have this wonderful option. Just yesterday, my boss brought her dog, Sophie, to work. After their lunchtime walk, she told me about all of the smiles Sophie elicited. Similarly, I just gave a blogger soliciting random advice to go to a dogpark or someplace where dogs are playing and happy whenever you feel depressed. I've also noticed the smiles dogs bring to people's faces, particularly when I walk them here on the U campus. Along the same lines, Sophie and my boss participated in a therapy-dog event at the Law School last spring--they brought dogs in for the law students who were studying hard for finals.

And, once more, don't forget about the contest I'm running for people sponsoring me in the Walk for Animals and MS 30/60 Bike Tour.

April 17, 2008

Dogs on Thursday: The Tail (har de har har) of Woe

That's my boy....


Whether it's typical of all Great Danes, or just Marmaduke and Payton, I don't know. But Payton definitely needs someone to tell his troubles to, and it's usually me (momma's boy that he is...)

Since I don't have any pictures of my own kids today, I'll send you over to photographer Erin Vey's blog, where her Great Dane, Gracie, also needs someone to tell her problems to.

And, just because it seems to fit the theme, here's today's "Red and Rover":


Plus, don't forget my little contest....

April 10, 2008

Dogs on Thursday: Squeaky Crackle Frog

These are just some quick shots of Remy from this morning. Every morning she has a little spaz-fest, grabbing a toy and tearing around the house with it while I feint and pretend to catch her.

Remy's current favorite toy is Squeaky Crackle Frog. This is a Ty beanie for dogs, stuffed with a squeaker and crackly paper inside. This is the one toy, knock on wood, that she hasn't attempted to de-stuff. The best part about it is that she actually looks like she's carrying around a dead frog; it made the husband slightly squeamish the first few days due to how realistic it actually looks.


Do you see the mischief in these eyes?

And then it's over; the frog is done for, the game is done....

P.S. Just as a reminder, if anyone is interested in donating to my MS Bike tour or Walk for Animals, here is the original entry.

April 3, 2008

Dogs on Thursday: Namaste Weekend*

Over the vernal equinox weekend, we went up north the a cabin on Lake Superior. We rented the house with a bunch of friends (5 couples in all), and our kids got to join us. These are two pictures that E, our friend and organizer, took. There are more in the series, but I don't have them scanned in...these are just poor photos of the developed prints. Her photos are simply gorgeous, and these images do not reflect the beauty of the actual pictures.

Click these to view them larger (and E really did have the exposure right...the darkness is my "picture of a picture" attempt"). I chose these two because I love the action shot of Remy and the tongue on Payton.



* The house was called Namaste. I didn't realize that until we got up there and saw the sign--every time E had sent out messages about "Namaste weekend," I thought she was just referring to relaxing. :-) I've got my pictures of the weekend up on my Flickr account; the other dog in the pictures is Baker, E and J's pup. The ones of Baker curled up on his daddy's lap are some of the cutest things we saw the whole weekend.

March 27, 2008

Dogs on Thursday: Here, yet Not Here

I'm finally remembering to post for DoT, but I can't do the post I want to! Argh. I actually do have pix of the kids. Action pix, even. But they are at home and, alas, I am not. I may update this today, but if I don't, I'll save them for next week.

In the meantime, here is a comic strip for you (click it for a larger version):

couch dog.gif

This seems par for the course for great danes. Our little Remy girl (golden retriver) will curl into a ball, will sleep on the floor, will fit all of herself onto my lap. Payton, on the other hand, wants his couch room. He usually lays on his side with his four paws hanging off the edge of the couch. Photographer Erin Vey has a lovely picture of her great dane's "bouqet of limbs" hanging off the couch. (Check out the rest of her site for some great canine shots....) The most fun part about the legs hanging off is when he dreams...the legs start running. I call them "twitchy toes."

January 31, 2008

DoT: Dogs on Beds

The dogs are loving the house remodel. Because we're sleeping downstairs, they have full access to us and the bed. Our usual bed upstairs is quite a bit higher off the ground (probably close to 3.5 feet to the top of the mattress), and the kids are not allowed on the bed. But since we're sleeping on the futon in the living room, two things have happened to the kids' advantage: 1) they are closer to us, so poking mommy in the ribs or licking her face just means a slight lift of the head from the laying-down position, and 2) they get to sleep on the bed when we're not there.

Here are some pictures of both of them enjoying their domain:

20080130-DSC_0098.jpg 20080130-DSC_0099.jpg 20080130-DSC_0100.jpg

Not to be outdone, Remy also wanted to show off her sleeping talents on one of the many dog beds they have scattered around the living room:


December 20, 2007

Dogs on Thursday -- the Dinner Campaign

"Red and Rover" by Brian Basset 12/18/07

This week's "Red and Rover" strips are a perfect reflection of my kids, though they usually start campaigning 3-4 hours ahead of dinner time.

See, we have a pretty regular schedule during the week: they get breakfast around 6 and dinner around 4:30 when we get home from work. Basically the same routine every week day.

Weekends, on the other hand, may be an entirely different matter. Breakfast on weekends may come anywhere between 6 and 8 in the morning, depending on how late the husband wants to sleep in (he gets breakfast duty and I have supper duty). Generally speaking, dinner is served between 3:30-5, depending upon how persistent they get.

"Red and Rover" by Brian Basset 12/19/07

The dinner campaign usually begins around noon. It may start with a Remy-spaz-n-poke (a burst of rolling around on the floor while kicking up her feet followed by poking mom in the arm or whatever happens to be available).

(Yes, it looks like she's lying there innocently playing with her toys; what still photos don't show is the wagging tail that indicates a spaz is about to begin)

When we check water dishes, yes, they're full. Do they need out? Why, yes, that seems to be the issue. However, the backdoor is on the way to the food, so as we're heading to the back door, they get the bright idea that we're actually heading to dinner. "While we're in the area," they tell me, "we think it's dinner time." "It's not time yet. You are waaayyyy too early for dinner," I reply. They go out, come back in, and we all go back to whatever we were doing earlier.


This little game continues through the afternoon, with the spaz-n-pokes getting closer and closer together. Even Payton starts to join in as it gets closer to 3:30. But what may be the most amusing part of this whole routine is that we usually don't figure out the campaign has begun until we're well into it. Inevitably between 1 and 2 or so, either the hubby or I will suddenly exclaim, "You guys must be campaigning. That's why you're being so goofy."


And the kids just look at each other and say, "Duh."

"Red and Rover" by Brian Basset 12/20/07


December 13, 2007

Dogs on Thursday -- the Rant Edition

Today's official Dogs on Thursday is out sick (get well soon, Paula!), so I thought I'd take this opportunity to return to 3, 4, 5 (?!) of my favorite rants.

I was part of a conversation this morning that took about 30 seconds before my head was about to explode. We were talking about a Great Dane puppy that a co-worker is going to take for her mother. The pup needs a new home because her family can't give the time she needs. Why is that? The pup is 6 weeks old (Yikes 1)! She was purchased at 4 weeks, from a backyard breeder (Yikes 2) (the litter was originally 11 pups) whose bitch wasn't able to take care of the pups because she was bleeding excessively (Yikes 3)! The new owner had been looking for a dog for their 16 year old son who is missing his grandfather who recently passed away; when they found the ad for the pups in the paper (Yikes 4), they checked in, and the woman said that she had to purchase a pup because she couldn't leave them there (Yikes 5?). I was already familiar with the situation (co-worker and I had discussed it earlier), so we got through that part of the conversation in 15-20 seconds.

From there the conversation turned to a beagle that my co-worker is looking at for themselves; they were planning to go to a local humane society that just took in 3 beagle pups. Co-worker 2 mentioned that her daughter purchased a beagle from a local pet store (Yikes 6). Finally, the conversation ended with co-worker 1 talking about a cute pug-beagle mix she had seen (I'm not going to grace that with it's "cute" "breed" name--a mutt is a mutt) (Yikes 7).

So in the space of about 30 seconds, the conversation touched on: backyard breeding (potentially puppy milling on a small scale), neglect/abuse, improper weaning which has led to pup needing a new home, pet-store animal purchases, newspaper breeder advertising, and designer dogs. So, my head exploded.

December 6, 2007

Dogs on Thursday 12-6-07

Another quick post of pictures. These pictures are after a romp at the dog park with several inches of new (first) snow. They don't usually cuddle like this, though I think that is more Remy's decision than Payton's. As you see here, she's pretty okay with being his pillow at this point.

DSC_0002.JPG DSC_0003.JPG DSC_0005.JPG DSC_0006.JPG

(Um, those yellow-ish foam bits...those are remnants of a bed's stuffing. I'll let you decide who was responsible there....)

November 29, 2007

Dogs on Thursday 11-29-07

I missed Thanksgiving DoT. Today is going to kick my butt at work, so I'm just going to give a few pix here without much commentary.

One of the nice things about my building is that most people don't really care what goes on here, so dogs are not unusual in the offices. Here are a couple visitors just from this week.

First up is Lilo, a 3-4 month old Yorkie who lives with a woman who works for the Army (she is actually not military, though her husband is). I'm not a small dog fan, but this one is pretty darn cute. She reminds me of an ewok from Star Wars.

20071126-DSC_0056.jpg 20071126-DSC_0052.jpg

Then we have Sophie, my boss's dog, just after a hard hour's work on a couch from a therapy workshop for the law school students.

20071128-DSC_0022.jpg 20071128-DSC_0023.jpg

I'm thinking about bringing my kids in on Friday.

November 8, 2007

Dogs on Thursday 11-8-07

Thursday Dogs02.jpg


I had some charming pictures of the kids that I was going to post for today's entry, but then I got the email from my mother that said she had to put Kodi to sleep this weekend. Kodi was a Newfoundland that we were given when his breeder was in a difficult situation. It's a long story, and I won't provide the gory details here. She needed to find good homes in a short period of time, and thought of us because we have had a very long relationship with her and her kennel.

Kodi's death represents the end of an era for our family. See, we've always had Newfoundlands, or at least for the past 35 years. My grandparents started with a Newf-mix before I was born, then mom and I joined the Newf-group, and even the Husband and I had one. [Madchen, Sherman, Fagin, Ursa, Kuma, Baron, Kisha, Shawnee, Lena, Kodi] There were times when I would take four of them for a walk at the same time. That generated some stares for passers-by.....

When the Husband and I agreed to take Kodi, my mother had two newfs already, one of whom she had also been given by the breeder. If she hadn't already had two, I'm sure she would have been the breeder's first choice. Anyway, in 2002, we took in Kodi as a third dog, basically sight unseen. We went to the breeder's to meet him while we were in Wyoming, and took him primarily due to her circumstances and my bleeding heart.


Kodi was "special." He had earned his championship, and really did exhibit very good physical characteristics of the breed. He was one of the breeder's special house-dogs, but all he had ever known was the show ring. At age 5, already middle-aged for a newf, he was the dog-ification of the "model" stereotype. We're pretty sure there was not much more in his mind than looking pretty and having people clap for him. Honestly, I have never met a more vacuous dog. He was super sweet, very friendly, great dog in general, but just no personality whatsoever. I don't even think the term "dumb" applied to him. There just really wasn't much there behind those sweet dark brown eyes.


Several things happened that led to Kodi going to my mom's. First, mom lost Shawnee-pup, the very first dog we got from this breeder. Even at Shawnee's age, she was still a puppy at heart, essentially everything that Kodi wasn't. In order to provide company for Lena, she went to the pound to adopt a newf or pyrenees mix. She came home with Shilo, the "little yellow dog." Shilo didn't last very long. She was a wild thing, escaping, chewing up the house, high energy. Very sweet, but very high maintenance. Shilo went back to the pound.

In May, 2004, I was preparing to defend my Ph.D. dissertation, when Kodi and our dane Micaela ran into each other (we don't know what really happened), and Caela ended up succumbing to a gradual paralysis. We spent a week hauling her to the vet for x-rays, tests, anything, but she kept getting worse until she even started refusing food. She was completely paralyzed, 10 years old, could not even eliminate on her own, and just told us it was time.


For a variety of reasons, including the brutal summers, Kodi went to live with my mom that November, even though she had re-rescued Shilo from the pound. Shilo actually kind of taught Kodi how to play a little, something he never did with us (I still blame the heat and humidity of summer for part of his utter passivity). When mom lost Lena earlier this year, Kodi was still there to provide companionship to Shilo.

It will be strange not to have any newfs in the family anymore. The Husband and I are convereted to Great Danes, and mom feels that she is at an age and physical condition where medium-sized dogs are more appropriate. So Kodi, the newf with a big heart and no brain, is truly the end of 35 years of newfs.


November 1, 2007

Dogs on Thursday 11-1-07

Remy Payton playing 1.jpg

Remy is just about to be eaten by Payton. She doesn't know it yet, but she will soon.

Remy Payton playing 2.jpg

He's moving in, closing in on the kill.

Remy Payton playing 3.jpg

Oh no! He's moving in on the belly! Run, Remy, run!

Remy Payton playing 4.jpg

Oh, the carnage. Payton made it to the throat. It's all over now. Poor little Remy.

Note: No canines were harmed in the shooting of these pictures. These are professionally trained actors, performing the roles they play every single day.

October 25, 2007

Dogs on Thursday

Thursday Dogs04.jpg

I was gone last Thursday and meant to pre-publish, but completely forgot. But we're back today.

I don't have any accessible pictures of Remy, so this will have to be another Payton post.

This is one of his favorite sleeping positions (click the picture for more Flickr pix):


I frequently look over from my computer in the evenings to see him curled up on his bed, nose tucked under paw. And yes, this is the same bed he stole from is more or less definitively his. He has the mysteriously-replaced larger bed in the bedroom for nighttime-sleeping, and this one is in the study for hanging-out-sleeping.

October 11, 2007

Dogs on Thursday October 11

Payton decided that he really wanted to be featured today, since Remy got all the attention last week. He's been quite cute lately, so it seems like a good idea.

Here's his typical "lean against the back of the couch" pose. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a picture of the additional "and hang my head over the back of the couch" position that frequently accompanies the lean.

20071005-DSC_0097.jpg (you can click to make this image bigger, but I think the picture is huge, so click at your own risk)

This is another pose he likes, and it seems fairly atypical for most dogs. He folds his front paws underneath himself and lays on them. It's sort of like he's tucking himself up like a little lamb-y.


And a slightly closer look at the legs:


Silly, silly puppy boy.

October 4, 2007

More Dogs on Thursdays

Both of these cartoons are from today, Thursday, and they seem so appropriate. (click on pictures for larger images)

"Stone Soup"
It really is hard to go wrong with a dog. This morning I woke myself up from a dream by crying out a little; as I was re-orienting myself in time and place, Remy's head popped up, right into my hand.

"Dog Eat Doug" (actually, I lied just a little...DeD's website is 2-weeks off due to syndication v. website rules, but this strip still appeared online today)
This is the exact train of thought I wish I could have every day. I truly envy my dogs sometimes, and these days, I really feel like I could sleep as much as they do.

Dogs on Thursday October 4

DoT Bone.gif

Here are the pictures I promised yesterday of Remy modeling my completed muttluk:

20071003-DSC_0067.jpg 20071003-DSC_0068.jpg


You can see her getting more and more annoyed with a) having the muttluk on, and b) me fiddling around with the camera. In the final picture, she just gave up and decided to ignore me.


September 27, 2007

Dogs on Thursday September 27

Thursday Dogs02.jpg

20070725-dogs2.jpg (click for larger)

Today's Dogs on Thursday picture comes from our summer trip to Wyoming. Mom and I took a hike by our favorite camping sites and I had the opportunity to snap this shot of the dogs in a line. More like a dog butts on Thursday, but at least they're of the canine persuasion. Payton is leading with Remy, then Shilo following. What's unusual about this arrangement is that they're not all vying for first place. Shilo especially, but even Remy and Payton to a lesser extent, insist on being "first." This time they were happy to just trot down the path in a line. Until the creek became more interesting, that is.

September 13, 2007

Dogs on Thursday


I just found a blog for discussing the canine kids on Thursdays. There are many "daily themed" entries out in blogland, such as Illustration Friday, Friday Flowers, Saturday Sky, etc (don't click on "etc." if you're easily offended.... ;-) ). Not all of them have their own separate blogs; sometimes it's just something one person does and then other people take up the same idea.

I actually managed to take these pictures of my kids today, Thursay, and get them posted on the same day, no less!

They're actually being pretty normal in these shots. The first one of Remy on the couch is in the middle of her post-dinner spaz-out routine. She had just dropped the toy she was holding, probably in hopes that I was bringing her something more interesting to eat. The second shot is outside a little later, just sitting and enjoying the cooler temperatures. She tends to hang out on the concrete patio, having developed an aversion of some sort to walking in her own backyard.
remycouch1.jpg remysit.jpg

Payton, on the other hand, is completely unconcerned with where he goes. I had to get these shots after he'd been running around a bit; he was hearing sirens and other dogs barking, so he became a "lert." He was posing regally, as Great Danes are wont to do, but both ears were inside out. Then, of course, he had to go see if the neighbors were up to anything.
paytonback02.jpg paytonback01.jpg

But this was my favorite shot. Usually he can manage to keep at least one of his ears down. How can anyone not love this face?