June 29, 2008

Combination: Fourth mystery flower and birdie babies

The babies are getting bigger. I don't know how there's room for the three of them plus momma. Here are some beaks, and just because, a gratuitous butt shot:

(As always, click the pictures to see them "real" sized)

20080629-DSC_0142.jpg 20080629-DSC_0143.jpg 20080629-DSC_0144.jpg

My only regret about being gone next week is the chance that I'll miss them fledging. I just love having the babies around; I've not managed to photograph the mourning dove young-uns, but they're very cute too.

And here is the fourth mystery flower; I originally thought it was part of the pink one, but this is a completely different plant.

20080629-DSC_0146.jpg 20080629-DSC_0147.jpg

The first picture is the flower alone, and the second is of it with the pink mystery flower.

June 27, 2008

Drive-by seedings?

I've got some interesting volunteers in the garden this summer, so I'm wondering if there is a new "vandalism" trend where people plant random seeds in someone else's garden. Tracy and I traded some seeds last autumn--I sent her some blue columbine and she sent me some Texas bluebonnet.

Where I'm pretty sure I planted the bluebonnet seeds, I seem to have a whole mess of bachelor buttons. I'm not complaining about the BBs, but I would have liked some bluebonnets also.

But here are three other mystery flowers:

20080620-DSC_0046.jpg 20080620-DSC_0045.jpg 20080619-DSC_0031.jpg

The first one is a really sweet pink flower that looks like it could be a miniature snap-dragon. I'm fairly certain the white one is a common weed variant, but it is pretty. And I've never seen the purple/white variety in my life. I don't have a good picture of its leaves, but they are rather cool looking themselves. This might be a type of balloon flower, but I don't recall planting any balloon flowers out front. (The leaves it's next to are actually from my new forsythia bush. This flower is also on a pretty long stem, but it likes to drape closer to the ground, making a decent shot very difficult.)

Not only do I have bachelor buttons and these three mystery flowers, but my violas have reseeded like crazy and are coming up all over, and I also had four varieties of columbine that I've never even seen in the neighborhood, let alone planted in my garden. I'm really going to have to work to get their seeds this year so I can ensure they get planted; one of the variants was a really cool frilly pink and white columbine. The others were a deep wine-red, a deep purple, and one the palest pink that was almost white. The flowers are all gone now--if I pluck the pods, will I still get seeds, even though it might technically be too early?

March 31, 2008

good thing I didn't [UPDATED]

...uncover the gardens this weekend. Yesterday was gorgeous (the whole weekend was nice). We opened windows. We opened the new windows on the bathroom porch (and puppy-boy even managed to overcome his fear of the bathroom and join me for the open window session on the porch). And I regretted spending time on the house rather than uncovering the gardens.

But, for once in my life, procrastination proved to be the better part of valor. Because this is happening today. Click the pictures for a larger view. I'll also have some pix from my office window later, because even though I remembered to bring the camera, I forgot to bring my card reader.



Updated include link to flckr photo set. The first couple are from earlier in the morning, and the next few from early afternoon. The last ones are through the new windows in our bathroom porch when we got home.