October 12, 2007

Comments should work again

Well, appears that I had my spam filters in comments set too spam if no one can comment! :-)

The good news is that my blog's sysadmin congratulated me on the success of my anti-spam techniques.

The better news is that he was able to lower them again so that non-spammers should still be able to comment.


September 13, 2007

Spam, spam, spam

So I've been wondering why I've been getting so few comments. It's not terribly surprising, because I don't have a large number of readers, but there are some who do comment.

Argh! Everything's been going directly to junk. I changed the settings not long ago because I was getting SO much spam in the comments. Turns out, maybe any comment was being seen as spam.

So if you've commented anytime since, oh, probably the beginning of August, I'm so sorry I never responded. I think I've caught most of them, and restored them to their proper places, but I honestly did not intend to ignore you!

November 19, 2006


Picture of my feet in a Norwegian lake...

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