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Digital Divide

After thinking about the digital divide and suggested solutions on how to close the gap between haves and have-nots I have come to believe that the world will never exist without a digital divide. With that being said I do believe that some of the proposed solutions could be beneficial to helping the problem.
The digital divide, in my opinion, will continue to exist just as other divides also exist. As long as people have different income levels, people will have access to different things including technology. The same way that there are people who have cars that cost $500,000 and there are people who take the bus, there will be people who have access to the most up to date technology and there will be people who have older more out of date technology. Believing that one day everybody will be equal and have the same access to technology is just unrealistic. With that being said, of the list of proposed solutions to the digital divide we talked about in class there are certain things that I feel could help close the gap and some that would not help at all.
I think that a combination of laptops in public schools and digital technology centers with free computer classes would be the smartest option when trying to provide everybody with the opportunity to learn how to use technology. Laptops in schools would teach children how to use computers, and as everybody knows it’s better to learn things when you are young because it is easier for you to learn, and also because it gives you plenty of time and opportunity to continue your learning. I also think that technology centers with free computer classes would also be beneficial in teaching older people who did not have the opportunity to learn how to use computers in school about newer technologies.
The main idea that I thought would not help at all was the one child per laptop program. The main reason that I don’t think this program will be beneficial is because it is being done in underdeveloped countries. This doesn’t make any sense to me, the laptops themselves for the one laptop per child program were described to have a screen that doesn’t get damaged from direct sunlight because some places they are distributed the children learn outside. In my opinion it’s more important to build buildings and get a town set up before you begin introducing technology. To me there’s no point in giving people technology that they will be unable to sustain.