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Google Earth is Cool!

Google Earth is wonderful because it is FREE!!! I installed it to my computer a while ago, but since then they add so many features we can do by using the software.
We have learned we could use GPS Photo Linker, GEO Tech, iPhoto, moodle, Google API..and so on. Unfortunately, my computer was not fast enough to go to these tools; moreover, I am not fast enough nor a computer literate to follow all of his instructions.
However, what I saw on the big screen were very fascinating and I definitely want to use Google Earth in my class when I talk about Japanese geography, how Japanese cities, roads, buildings, housing areas are planned. My students can write a report on how development of cities gave an impact on Japanese group sprit, communal life, and harmony within a groups and a society. I also like the idea Joan mentioned about English literature class to make a map of places where a focused author lived to create the novels. I can use a map of Japan to create ‚ÄúThe Path of Ukiyoe (wood block prints) Artists‚Ä? or ‚ÄúThe Path of Haiku Writer.‚Ä? It will give better understandings for the students how they created arts by traveling places to places. I saw some maps are all in Japanese, so I can use the map for reading practice after students learned kanji (Chinese characters) city names.