December 3, 2006

My Favorite Website

This i s my favorite website. This site is created by Japan Foundation(an independent administrative institution), Japanese Language Institute in Urawa, Japan. In this institute, they offer teacher training school, Japanese language courses, give away free matereials, and news letters.
It is my favorite because: this is a very good Japanese language learning website for beginning learners created by experienced teachers in well-organized manner, students can learn grammar on their own pace and be able to focus on specific grammar points, this site gives well organized exercies, worksheets, listening comprehension practices, writing practices, and this site also gives on-line test adn assessment which students can test their understandings, and achievement.

This site is information tool, but it can also be mind tool depending on how teacher use it.
I hope people can use it as a resource for talking about Japan and its culture and language in other subjects.

September 14, 2006

9-14-06 Power Point Evil?

Is Power Point really evil?