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March 1, 2006

the owl and the pussycat



I have this affinity towards older objects. I like their character, wear, and am interested in their experiences, what they’ve gone through, where they’ve been placed, and so on. Nothing new or original, but still, this attraction I have to old junk should be established.

That said, I’ll explain why I did this like I did:
I decided to illustrate the owl and the pussycat because it was one of the few nursery rhymes I had at home, my roommate maria has a wonderful 70’s owl that I’ve always liked and could use, and also the band Luna has a song based on the story. Here is the cover art for the album the song is on if you’re interested in purchasing it:
I wanted to illustrate the nursery rhyme simplistically, while integrating appropriated images (without checking if they’re copyrighted, ha!) and ones I took of objects around my home, as well as scanning hand drawings for the rest of the imagery. I used a minimal drab color palette that wouldn’t be distracting, and took my own liberties with props from the story to make it a bit more cutsy/clever/cutsy. I like cute things.

My goal for this project was to make it look like something I did. I wanted to make it look a bit imperfect, a bit too easy, too simple, yet unique, and handmade.