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Greek Project

the primary goal of lisa's and mine with this project was to create something that joellyn could actually use in her bonus disk rather than something that she'd have to try hard to integrate with other odds and ends. we didn't want to give her anything she'd have to struggle to make use of. we opted to interview eve browning, a professor here on campus who is very knowledgeable on the eleusinian mysteries. we shot forty minutes of footage, and submitted it in two formats: full length and an edited seven minute version. this way joellyn could pick and choose what she wanted to include from the raw footage, and the class could share with lisa and i some of the information eve gave us.

i had the impression that filming digitally would be quicker and easier than tape (because technology changes to make things easier, right?) but it was much more time consuming than i had anticipated. going into this project completely naive to the equipment made this project challenging, even though we took a simplistic approach to the editing and presentation. i'm glad to have become a bit more comfortable with the process of digital movie-making, and now have the capability to work with the media in the future, though i can't see myself being enthusiastic about it until technology improves a step further with the compression, saving, and burning times nearing closer to the initially promised ten minutes.