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Blog Prompt #1

When I consider the energy, flow, and transformation through a city, I think about the contrast between the different parts of the city. For instance, when going from the intercity to the outskirts, the transformation is huge. You're going from heavy traffic flow and tall skyscrapers to quiet neighborhood streets and small town homes.
these pictures show what I mean between the difference in energy and flow and how the city transforms as you travel from the inside to the outside.
When I think of intercity, I imagine a buzz of sound and lights and a city full of energy. I'm always inspired by the city lights and how they create a flow of color at night. It's like a piece of artwork. A few times in my life when I have flown back home (Milwaukee) at night, I am amazed at how you can tell the transformation of the city through the flow of lights against the dark night from an aerial view.

these are just some examples of the idea of energy, flow, and transformation through a city.