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Blog Prompt #2

The social design issue that I found to be a big problem in Minneapolis is the bus system. Everyone I talked to hates the bus system and complains about it all the time. First of all, the buses are never on time. You always have to arrive 10 minutes early because you never know if it will show up early, on time, or late. They're so unpredictable and unreliable. Second, there are not enough of them. A lot of people are late to work or wherever they need to be because they miss a bus (probably because it showed up too early) and then they cant get on another one till at least 15 minutes later. Also, express buses are great but they only come about five times a day so that makes them useless. Another thing that is terrible about the bus system is that th routes are so small and for most places you go, you have to do at least one transfer. Maybe if the buses had larger routes, people wouldn't have to do so many transfers. Adding to that, the transfer tickets only last for two and a half hours unlike some other places in the world where it lasts for the whole day. This can be a problem for many people especially workers or people coming in from the suburbs. By the time they get into the city, they have to pay for another transfer ticket and they haven't even gotten to their destination. So as you can see, the bus system is a huge social design problem for Minneapolis and needs some adjustments to make a more efficient transportation system for the city.