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Blog Prompt #4

Well if I could I would love to be a genius and think of a sweet way to better the earth or make a somewhat "utopia" world where the earth is perfectly clean. But realistically I think i would want to educated everyone in the world about what changes need to be made so our earth can be wonderful! I just think so many people don't know or are misinformed about what the world is going through environmentally right now and so they don't take the effort to change their habits. I really like green green grass so for my "perfect" world I would have super green grass and I would have huge groups of people sitting on the wonderful green grass listening to different environmentalists educated them about making a difference. They would also be breathing in the cleanest air ever.
green grass.jpg
Just add more people to this photo and there you have the scene of education.
I also think its important that we educated the world about water pollution. The world desperately needs clean drinkable water and pollution doesn't help. Wouldn't it be great if everyone could drink water this clean?!?!
clean water.jpg