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Volunteer Blog #4

This past week was my last week at VOA and I must say that I'm definitely going to miss it there! I've really started to enjoy helping the kids with their My Life Plan's and also just getting to know them a little bit. I like how open and unafraid they are to talk to you and ask questions. Greg has been really great too. I can see that the students really enjoy having him as a teacher and its fun to see how he can relate to their situations. On Tuesday I was there for a short time just helping kids on the computer to finish up some surveys they had to get done by the end of the week since some people were coming to check their progress. On Friday I did pretty much the same thing except I talked with the students more and just had a really fun time on my last day. I really like the idea of the My Life Plan because it helps the kids realize things about themselves that they might not have known before. I'm really going to miss working at VOA and I wish them the best!