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Volunteering Blog #1

After looking through many different options for volunteering, I decided to help out VOA (Volunteers of America). Volunteers of America is a small school on Franklin Ave, which is pretty close to my dorm so I thought it would be convenient to get to. My first day at VOA was just a meet and greet and then they gave me a tour after. I was able to meet Greg Herder, who is my mentor and leader, along with a couple other people involved in the program set up at VOA. We went through what I was going to help the kids with, which was a really cool college and career program with interest inventories and a bunch of other useful material. Each student must complete all of the inventories, quizzes, etc. on the program before they graduate. I think it's a really useful tool for kids to find out what their interests are or the strengths that they have and how they can apply that to a possible career. After going through what the program was all about, I was given a short tour of the building and we said our goodbyes. I really like VOA and the community they have their is very welcoming and friendly.