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Volunteering Blog #3

Ok so today I volunteered for a really long time but it flew by pretty fast. I was at VOA from 9 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon but Greg did a really good job of keeping me busy. Today we were pulling kids from class so they could catch up on their my life plan surveys and quizzes since some representatives are coming at the end of next week. I helped the students set up log in information and directed them where to go to take quizzes. I also answered any questions they had and tried to encourage them when they got frustrated. Volunteering at VOA has been fun because the students are really friendly and they aren't afraid to ask us questions about anything which can make some great conversations. I noticed that kids were getting somewhat excited when they found out what kind of jobs match with their interests and they wanted to find out more about them. It' s been a great time!