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May 1, 2008

MDG Honors Presentations

I chose to write about Goal 8 and Goal 7 because I thought they were the best presentations not only for their design layout but for their ideas as well.
To start out with Goal 8 by Kelly Berry and Broc Blegens, I just have to say the design aspect of their project was really organized and well put together. I liked how the picture was highlighted and the other two were faded when you were focusing on that certain part. They also had really good ideas for their goal and I could tell they did a lot of research. First off, they started talking about the development of communication technologies. Here, they first started their focus on Smalia where effort is being made to progress in developing communication. From the year 2000 to 2005 the percent of people with cell phones went from 1.1% to 6.1%. It's not a huge increase but at least its improving there. Next they talked about Kenya and how they also have been working on their progress in communication. Mobile phone usage is growing faster every year and Kenya has made a lot of progress. Then they talked about the importance of wireless and technology for the progress of education. Some examples they talked about were the "hole-in-the-wall" schools that gave free access to the internet for children to allow them to gain more knowledge and then to spread that knowledge to other children. They also talked about the "one laptop per child" idea where each child would be able to have their own personal computer. It is also known as the $100 laptop and it allows children to email, chat, and browse the internet. The next thing they talked about was the importance of sustainable energy. They talked about some projects that teach kids how to assemble small scale solar panels so they become more educated in the importance of conserving energy and they are also learning how to put things together. Overall, I think this was my favorite group because all of their information was really interesting to hear about and they presented it in a very organized fashion that was easy to navigate.
The next group I liked was Goal 7 who was Angie, Anthony, and Laura. They focused on improving Minneapolis slums through sustainability. After researching, they realized there is a growing need for more low-income housing in Minneapolis. Many feel they are trying to get rid of the poor and elderly by turning apartments into condos and raising the prices so people cant afford to live there anymore. This group realized that our current standard of design practices work against sustainability and they want to implement more energy efficient ways of living. The group went over benefits of "going green" and provided some examples of how benefitial it is. The Federal Reserve Bank in Minneapolis was built more efficient and it didnt even cost extra. The SC Johnson Quarters was renovated to be more efficient and now they save approximately $6 million a year on energy costs. The groups idea was to suggest to redesign the low income housing in order to become more sustainable. Some of their ideas for this were: install water re-use systems such as rainwater collection and low flow plumbing fixtures, replace lightbulbs with more efficient lightbulbs, install recycling chutes, replace old windows with high-efficiency triple paned glass, use solar energy, and replace the roof with an energy star roof. I think these ideas are really good but it might cost a lot of money to do this. BUT, the examples before seemed to show that the cost will pay off in the future. I thought the presentation looked pretty nice and well put together. I could tell they did a lot of research and really thought about creating a more efficient living environment.