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First Roving Complete!

I roved for the first on Saturday. It was really interesting. It was a very small class and the IT work being done on the University's servers made the session interesting since not all of the university sites were working. Luckily, the pages which could not be accessed were on the power point the instructor was using, so everything was still really clear. There wasn't much help needed on that day since the class was so small, but I made the certificates which kept me busier. It will be interesting to see how the different instructors teach the same Unravel course differently.

First student...kind of.

So on Friday while I was at Wilson I had quality interaction with a student. Although they did not need any help with a research paper, I told them all about the program and the service we provide. She seemed a bit skeptical and was extremely unfamiliar with the library website so I had her pick a random topic and we did some research so she could see how a person finds scholarly articles through the library's web site. By the end she knew what an indexes and journals were as well as how to find articles and pick which index to use. I also introduced her to google scholar.  Although she didn't actually have a paper to work on, I feel as though she was able to learn a lot in the 10 minutes she was there.

First Week Live

Last week was the first week that the other PRC's and I started actually working with students (or at least we were available to do so)! On Wednesday I was in the SMART Learning Commons in Walter Library. Jody took Tony, another PRC, and myself on a small tour of the facility and to MCAE to that we could get situated. Unfortunately, I did not have any students that approached me for assistance, but I hope that will change in the future.
Wednesday at MCAE and Thursday at Wilson produced similar results. Although i didn't help any students with peer research advising, all of the other tutors were very busy and I helped a student or two with physics. This gave me an opportunity to practice my communication skills with students, which will also be necessary when students seek help with their research papers. It will be interesting to see if this week will be different from the last in regards to the number of students helped!

Roving Training

Last Friday the other two PRC's and I had the opportunity to sit in during an Unravel II session and observe. We (the PRC's) may begin to assist (rove) during the Unravel sessions so it was a great learning experience. It gave me a great idea of what students had questions about and which tasks were more difficult to complete.

Aside from attending the Unravel session last week, we also learned about the indexes available by subject. With so many different indexes available to pick from, the indexes by subject area allows a student to use those indexes that pertain to their particular subject area! It is also important to remember that each department has its own librarian who is an expert in that specific area. This individual is a wonderful resource for students who may have questions in locating information on a particular topic.

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