First student..

Last week I had the privilege of working with my first student. The individual needed help finding articles on their topic. I showed the student some helpful tips for searching topics and explained the difference between the general indexes and the subject specific indexes.
After searching for a bit it was evident that their topic was too narrow and it would not be possible to find the eight scholarly sources she was seeking for her paper. I helped her broaden the topic in order to find more sources. After another search it was evident that the broader topic generated substantially more hits when searching the indexes and would allow for a better developed argument with the possibility of including opposing points of views if they choose to do so. At the end we filled out the intake form and she seemed satisfied with the session and felt like she had the ability to find additional resources on her own to complete the paper. I advised her to return if she encountered any further difficulties and I or one of the other PRCs would be more than happy to help her again.

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