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It has been a little while since my last entry. Over the past couple of weeks I've helped between 15 and 20 students and have learned a lot. It's been fun reflecting on how much I've learned, but in terms of all the libraries indexes and resources, I've barely started to skim the surface. Additionally, I've s also spent some time here and there working on my brochure assignment, but it's been challenging to find time to really concentrate on it.

As far as helping students, it's been both fun and challenging. The most challenging thing is working with students who have absolutely no idea what they want to write or search about and want someone to tell them what to write about. The thing I find most interesting is the huge differences between the level of students' research skills. Some have done extensive search and can name their favorite databases while some don't even know indexes exist. It's great having the skills necessary to help students of all levels. So far the two months of having walk-in hours has been successful and surpassed all of my expectations for the PRC program.

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