04. Dowry Deaths

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Every year in nations like India, thousands of young women are burned to death or stricken with fatal burns. They are the casualties of dowry deaths. The husband and/or in-laws have ascertained that the dowry, a gift given from the daughter's parents to the husband, was insufficient and therefore attempt to murder the new bride allowing the husband to remarry or to punish the bride and her family.8

According to a report by Parvathi Menon published in the Indian magazine Frontline,

"Investigations by a women's group in Bangalore point to a high incidence of unnatural deaths among newly married women following dowry-related incidents. Many murders and forced suicides are often registered as stove burst injuries. When the cause of death in a majority of registered dowry death cases is due to burning, such a high rate of stove burst accidents involving daughters-in-law can hardly be regarded as natural or coincidental."8

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