10. Haddon's Ten Basic Strategies

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1. Prevent creation of the hazard in the first place:

Not allowing the manufacture of hazardous gas and kerosene stoves.

2. Reduce the amount of hazard brought into being:

Require that safety features be present in these stoves to prevent burst injuries and burns.

3. Prevent release of the hazard that already exists:

Prevent manufacture of ground level stoves that can be less easily toppled over.

4. Modify the release of the hazard:

Promote the use of flame retardant fabrics to reduce burning rates.

5. Separate in time or space:

Use cooking units that children cannot reach or keep children out of the kitchen when cooking.

6. Separate with a physical barrier:

Use insulated firewalls in buildings.

7. Modify basic relevant qualities of the hazard:

Eliminate use of liquid kerosene in stoves.

8. Make what is to be protected more resistant to damage from hazard:

Improved general health condition of South Asian women, allowing for improved immunity to fight secondary bacterial infections from stove related burns.

9. First aid and emergency response:

Improve availability of first aid and emergency response teams for burn victims.

10. Stabilize, repair, and rehabilitate the object of the damage:

Improved access to burn centers, rehabilitation and community support.

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