September 18, 2006

Jobs @ UMN

There are so many jobs at University and everyday the website of employment is releasing various new posts. But what is the use of it when one does not get a call for it or any feedback on that? It is really pathetic display of showiness which University is trying. I am the most disappointed person for this. Having three years of IT experience , it is really becoming difficult for me to find a suitable job. So to earn my bread and butter , I have decided to go ahead with lab assistant and UDS job. I hope my blog should be an eye opener for human resouces people. The things which employment site lacks are that it does not provide individual feedback on applied job. If you get the feedback , then there is no reason why one is not a suitable candidate . I know the things here are working with reference only. But they should or must trust the people applying for the jobs ..finally we or everybody here has passed through severe criterias.

Whatever it is, I must go for sleep now..i have to go for my lab assistant job tomorrow at 8 o'clock.

August 22, 2006

Walter katta

I visibly remembered my initial days in first year at Govt. College of Engineering , Pune when we used to gather at boat club (of course after first semster since we were afraid of ragging in first sem.) and used to chat for hours there. That had become our BC Katta in those days. Boat Club really emerged as unavoidable part of our lives later on and it may remain for rest of the life even . Smidge decisions such as bunking lectures , attending practicals or copying submissions were happening at BC. Those days of quiz club along with wonder boys of COEP were absolutely amazing.
These days Walter library has emerged as another Katta for us . We are spending almost four to five hours in the library . Please note not for reading the books , but for using the PCs for browsing or chatting with friends. It is being one of the best libraries , I have came across after IIT Bombay library. Definitely we are not talking in the library reading room, but in the cafe or on the bench outside the library. I know Walter Library will emerge as inevitable part of our next two years and while U Card will remain for active for rest of the life , I think I will keep coming to this place for sure.I hope I can make more friends from this katta as I did in COEP.

August 19, 2006

Initial Hiccups

Rejoining college was always like dream coming true for me. I arrived at Minneapolis on 11th August and after that I have tried my best to explore the campus very much. International student orientation was fun as well informative. Making friends was always my hobby and now that has reached to international level. Meeting people from around the world was amazing experience. The certain things of university has attracted me towards it such as Walter Library , CSE Department , Professors and idea to build oneself as an independent human being. I know the reality is far different as I always depend on someone for different things. Initial days were really nostalgic , but now I am adjusted to University . Another hiccups which I am experiencing in initial days , are room partners and flat. But some how the matter has resolved now and will be moving to my flat on 1st Sept. Classes will begin on 5th Sept. . My first meeting with my Prof. Eric is on 23rd August and preparing full fledge as I dont want to remain unanswered on any questions. Hoping for the positive inferences from the meeting.
So , here begins my journey in University of Minnesota, Twin Cities and my journey towards Utopia from utopia.