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Constructivism - Reaction

"Constructivism" by Duffy and Cunningham (1996)
Some of the learning theories discussed in this article were familiar to me and many are new. I realize that in applying the constructivism theories in a real life school setting, we cannot just throw a group of materials, tools, and technology at the students without any plan, directions, or guidance leading to a desired outcome and expect the students to successfully construct knowledge and learning. Teachers must learn to be good coaches and to use various techniques of scaffolding to fulfill this role. I ‘m not sure how a curriculum that promotes inquiry, active learning, and cooperative interaction can also fulfill the required acquisition of mandated knowledge and skill. It can be very frustrating to have these wonderful theories of how students should learn, but not be able to apply them when constraints of time, money, and standards all work against us. We are still fighting the battle to implement these wonderful theories 10 years, 20 years and more since the theories were first proposed.