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Digital Divide - Reaction

“The Digital Divide� by Tapscott
I think the digital divide is even wider now than it was when this article was published in 2000. We have seen more businesses get on board with helping provide technology to schools and community centers, but much more can be done. It certainly doesn’t help when the government pulls back on technology funding to schools. It is nice to see Bill Gates take a leadership role in funding and being active in promoting educational projects and access to technology in public libraries.

A new issue of access to the internet occurs even in homes with a computer and internet access. The parent or parents as well as the children all want and need to use the computer and internet every evening for work and school work. One or even 2 computers in a home may not be enough to fill this need. I think that teachers must keep this in mind when assigning homework that requires computer and/or internet access. At some point everyone will need to have her/his own computer or other device for communicating, accessing information, and doing work or school related tasks.