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Technology Learning Principles - Reactions

“Technology Learning Principles for Preservice and In-service Teacher Education� by Hughes

This article is very informative and gives me new insights into my approach to technology training. I’m sure I will be referring to it to keep the theories fresh in mind as I design staff training programs. In the past I haven’t been concerned with knowing much about preservice technology training, but now I realize that in order to provide the necessary on-going technology training for the new teachers coming into our school, I must be proactive in finding out what their previous technology training and experiences are and use that as a starting point in helping them integrate technology into their teaching. I have recently begun to shift the technology training focus from how teachers use technology to teach to a focus on how students use technology to learn. Summer technology training is only a starting point – we need a system built into our school schedule in which we have on-site training during the school day with the school furnishing substitute teachers in order to give teacher time out of the classroom to attend. I hope to conduct the extended training by departments thus allowing teachers time to explore ways to integrate technology to improve student learning, to share best practices, and to create a mentoring system within each department. Finding the time to do this is my greatest obstacle.