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Wrap Up

I have really enjoyed taking this 11 week course Amy! I decided to take it so I would get an overview of what is available. I also wanted the MP3 player!!

I was familiar with a lot of the terms but really didn't know what some of them meant! I knew about blogging because my son, David, has had a blog for years and it was a quick and easy way for me to keep up with his life. Social networking was also something I knew about because of my kids.

I didn't know about RSS but now I see that on many many webpages and feel so smart that I know what it means!! I really appreciate knowing what these terms mean so when people talk about them at least I am aware!

Podcasts were very interesting to me personally. I'm kind of a news hound and I love to read so this is a great way to be kept up to date on the latest news!

This was a great journey and I look forward to more lessons in the future Amy!