August 9, 2014

Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy Color + Base Longwear Nail Enamel, In The Money

I treated myself with this beautiful color for being sick all week.

Revlon Colorstay Gel "In The Money" with Diamond Topcoat

Revlons_In The Money.jpg

July 13, 2014

Finally the day came when I get to try Nioxin...

I am hoping this will be a good experience. And today also is a day for World Cup Final, Germany vs Argentina. My first time watching the game with friends outside, kinda fun.

June 28, 2014

My first group ride today "Ladies's Saturday Morning Coffee Ride"...

We all met up at 9am and headed out a few minutes after. Chit chatting about different things, stopping for water and riding along that whole way was so nice. Cedar Lake LRT Regional Trail was awesome.

June 24, 2014

Tuesday June 24, finally the first ride of this season...

I started out from home then to the opposite side of Medicine lake and so on. It was about 12-15 miles ride and was awesome. Great first bike ride of this year and I am looking forward for more like this.

June 15, 2014

Nail Madness continues with few new colors

Revlon's Flirt

Wet Wild's Purple with Revlon's Enchanting

Revlon's Enchanting with Silver

Revlon's Coastal Surf with Silver, Black and White

Revlon's Cherries In the Snow with Silver and Black

May 23, 2014

The day started out pretty early for a long drive...

We were on the road by 8am and at 9:30am, we made out first stop somewhere in Louisiana. Then one after another stop, we finally stopped for lunch. It was tiring. Finally at Shreveport we made the last stop before reaching our destination.
It was about 5pm, when we reached Grand Prairie, it was a good feeling of relief. Then more fun started. Freshen up, getting ready, make-up, good food, picture time, family time all of those. And the best part about the food was the desert 'Tres Leche cake', it was just yummy. I can eat that more often.

May 22, 2014

Last couple of hours in the Sunshine state...

All of us got fresh, had breakfast and packed up and made a last stop before heading back to Mississippi. We all wished, we had couple of more days to stay there, as we wanted to enjoy the water more. Soon, it was time to head back after posing for pictures.

After making few stops here and there for gas, water, ice cream etc, we were in Mississippi. We were all tired and I started doing the Nails. Then few others followed me, soon it was Manicure Pedicure time, fun fun.

As the movie, Two States started, I went to the kitchen and ended up making dinner for all. I enjoyed that definitely. Before the movie was finished, I had the dinner ready for all. After that, it was time for us to start packing as we were heading to Dallas tomorrow.

May 19, 2014

Finally the day to head to the Sunshine state, the 5 hours drive.

After having breakfast, we packed up all the stuff and started our drive to the Sunshine state. All of us were excited, almost all of us haven't been there before. After making couple of stops, we reached out destination. Our vacation home was peaceful and nice with a swimming pool. We also had a Private beach with white sand. We couldn't ask for more.


We went to beach to checkout, and we all ended up drenched in water, as all of us were so excited that we couldn't stop ourselves. I still picture the excitement hahaha. After getting fresh, we all headed out to check out the city and have dinner. We didn't find the best place to have dinner, but it was still fun.

May 20th Tuesday
Its the day Rishi was leaving, We all woke up, had breakfast, posed the last pictures with him and in no time, he left for airport. We all missed him. After that around afternoon, we all headed out to see the Dolphin watch. We made a stop at an Italian Restaurant for lunch, which wasn't good at all. The view was only the good part from there.

It was very hot, yet we all enjoyed screaming, and being on that cruise. On the way back everyone was tired of sun, we all were so quiet in the cruise.


After drinking some Mango juice or whatever that was, some of us headed outside and ended up in a store to spend money to buy little little things. It definitely was fun. We also headed to the beach and then to the swimming pool afterward. Everything was just so much fun. Soon, it was time to have dinner and the day was over. By this time, two people were already feeling sick, sea sickness,

May 21st Wednesday
I got sick last night, and still felt till today. I had to make myself feel better, I did whatever I could. Tums helped me with whatever I had. After that, I went for a walk on beach, I think i walked over a mile. Soon, it was too hot and I had a headache so I turned around. The walk back felt so long due to the heat. We all stayed on our beach chairs with umbrella and some of us decided to go back. And today is the last night here.

May 18, 2014

New Orleans, Louisiana day...

After having lunch, we all headed out with water, ice in our car trunks. In three different cars all of us, singing, chit chatting, joking, the drive was nice. We went to multiple places, French Quarter, Bourbon street, the whole experience was nice.

There were some moments we just couldn't stop laughing with what we saw on those streets. Carrying different drinks on the street in the middle of the day, where else you could do that. It was an interesting experience. However, the dinner place by the sea side wasn't good at all.


May 17, 2014

Graduation day...

After having breakfast, we all got ready to head out. The most part was all of us dressing in a room, making each other look pretty with some make-up. I enjoyed that a lot. Finally after an hour later, we were all ready to head out.

The ceremony was only about two hours long, however we all got bored with too much preaching. After the ceremony, we all got together and started posing for pictures. After that was time to head out for lunch. It was about 82-84 Fahrenheit, and felt hotter with the humidity. The lunch, pictures and chit chat were nice and it was time to head home for all of us.

May 16, 2014

Today is the day to head to Mississippi.

We got fresh, had breakfast, packed things up and we headed out around 11am. We made frequent stops, grabbed lunch and finally around 7pm, we reached our destination. It was so nice to see everyone, some family members I have not seen for the past seven years. The BBQ outside, the chit chat and everything was nice.

May 15, 2014

So today is the day my days off started.

I woke up at 3:30am to make sure I got ready for the airport. Sleepless from days, oh my my. The whole day I had a massive headache . However, it was nice to meet up with the family after months. We went to shop in multiple place, bought few stuff than the time spent. Today's day went in headache.

May 11, 2014

Headache, not good sleep, need rest etc etc...

Saturday, I got few stuff done. Today though it hasn't been great. Breakfast didn't taste so great. Afterwards trying to take a nap didn't work either. I am so tired, cooked food, didn't taste so great either. Then I started working in painting my nails before I am too tired. I thought doing this will take my headache, tiredness away. And I was wrong. The Lavender color turned out nice, mixing Orange didn't turn out good. Next time only Orange with Silver or Black.

Revlon's Enchanting with Silver and Tangerine with dots of Black

May 9, 2014

The week started out okay, the half of the week was pretty stressful and tiring.

I don't know what happened, the way I felt around 3:30pm, wasn't the best feeling. And I am glad I decided go get some air. After the other good thing was ULTA shopping, I am happy. Here's sneak peak of my shopping.

Revlon's different colors along with NYX Lip Pencils and Eye Liner.


Tangerine, Enchanting and Flirt

I made a stop at Trader Joe's for some grocery and met my good old friend from 12+ years. Overall, awesome.

May 7, 2014

Cookware set received after waiting for a whole month.

After a tiring day at work, I couldn't wait to come pick my brand new cookware set. Unfortunately. the task I started working, didn't want to finish before 5 and ended up finishing at 9:30pm.