April 19, 2014

Saturday today, I have decided to stay home and relax.

The loud wind woke me up this morning. I tried to stay in bed longer and it didn't work. So, I decided to get up, and start cleaning kitchen and then bathroom. After that, I made some tea and sat down with a cup of tea. That's when my parents call me and we talked for the next hour.

Around 2pm, I decided to take a bath. After the bath I used my new product for the first time. I got ready and headed outside. By this time, I was ready to relax, yet I made few stops. First stop to take some cash, then Target for Dove, then to buy some Paratha Roti and finally Rainbow for few stops. After that was time to head home. I was so tired, that decided to make another cup of tea and had it with some Nimki and Bourbons.

Now, here I am in front of the TV with my laptop on my lap. I am ready to fall asleep.

April 18, 2014

Oh my god, this was one more stressful week.

After understanding that algorithm more and more, it was super hard to stay focus. Thank god I had an appointment which made it easier to leave work a little bit early. I was so tired, after that appointment, i came home and sat in front of the TV. And right now, I am excited to try my new delivery item.

I decided to head upto Marshall to find something. I didn't find what I was looking for and decided to stop in to TJMaxx as well. Same story as well. I ended up picking exactly opposite of what I was looking for. I didn't want those, so I came home and again in front of the TV and computer.

April 16, 2014

Wednesday today the mid week again, 1 day closer to the weekend.

So, the morning started out reading the emails from Pune. Then the FW Hand-off meeting and then on and on. One more day when I had to troubleshoot the stupid QTP tests. Oh my god, I spent perhaps I can say wasted so many hours today, trying to find that ImportData(). All the tests, function libraries, SVN and everywhere, I could think of, I searched, yet it was no where to be found. While I couldn't figure out hte QTP test, I decided to reply email for the Selenium/Yukon question. It clicked in my head despite of tiredness. I'm glad I figured out.

There it was 4pm, my brain was fried by that time. With all that and the snowy Spring weather, I had to skip the gym, instead I decided to come home and do stuff for myself.

Right now I am watching TV, after having the Broiled fish and Cauli. I still feel hungry though. Oh yeah, I bought myself a watch today. I hope it comes out nice and I will like it. I haven't bought myself a watch after that one time in 12+ years ago.

I want to spend more time learning, reading Selenium or Automation. Lately, I have been shopping a lot and that's all looks like. I need to get back to learning. I still have a many things, I need to buy. One of the things from months, is the new phone. I hope I will find a good deal which I can afford.

April 12, 2014

Oh my my how did the day turned out...

I was supposed to be at the MinneBar9, instead I was at different Malls spending money. I didn't have a very good sleep which made me feel extremely tired with aches and pains. That made me not wake up early morning. Then when I did wake up, I had a terrible headache.

I changed my plan for the day and packed to head to Roch. I stopped at the Dealer to get my car washed and tire pressure checked. After that I made a stop at Southdale and my day went. I got some facial mask stuff done. Then I bought a Lipstick, then CK Purse, then omg.

Next stop, another Mall, where I bought pillows, some tops and a dress. And then the next stop DSW, where I bought a Betsey Johnson Satchel along with Guess wallet. Now, I am thinking, I need to return some of these things. Too much $ spent.

Betsey Johnson Satchel - Tough Love Red


April 10, 2014

A Thursday evening where I fell in Love with Calvin Klein Tote and its too expensive for me...

After work, headed to the gym and then it was time for my facial, hand massage appointment. Calie did some massage on my cuticles, then some facial. Then after stopping at Macy's for an exchange, I came back to the same store. I found these two things, which grabbed my heart yet they were too expensive, so only posting pictures here.

Calvin Klein Handbag - Saffiano Leather Tote Orange

Jessica Simpson Dress

April 5, 2014

Saturday morning started out okay and it was time to start my day.

I got fresh, had breakfast and the first stop was the DMV, then the library. After that gym, shower and then the Target Optical. I found really nice frames, a Dolce and Gabana, and Kenneth Cole.

I came home, waited for my friend to call me. After w hole year, I reached MOA, it wasn't so much fun in the traffic though. I walked around for a long time while I waited for her. Then I ended up buying my first brand name purse. I bought a unique color, can't find the picture.

Tignanello Perfect 10 Shopper...

INC sleeve cutout top

NY Collections

April 4, 2014

Today is my Passat's Birthday and I'm celebrating with Canvas painting.

First time at 'Wine and Canvas' with few friends...The morning started out with lot of snow on the road. I was worried the snow will not melt. As the day progressed, the temperature went up and all the snow melted. So, it was time to head out from work, I even got out early. I came home, dropped off my stuff, got fresh and headed out.

I reached early and reserved the spots etc etc. I got some chips and Guacamole chips ordered for us. The whole thing was pretty awesome experience painting the theme 'Lake Superior'.


April 3, 2014

Wanted to try Fuschia Pink, I ended up Revlon's one of a kinda Red.

Red is such a beautiful color, I wish everything in life was this beautiful.

Revlon's some Red

March 30, 2014

Almost the last day of March, a very sunny Sunday...

I woke up tired, do I didn't get to the gym as planned. However, I got few things done. I danced around the mirror doing make-up, then taking selfies and so on. I headed to Knollwood, returned the Wok which I bought last week, and bought a new steel piece. I then made to Ridgedale to different stores, JC Penny, Express, and Sephora. I bought the Charcoal face mask and the eye-shadow Palette.

I came home, fried the Momo, had it not been staying on the stove for little long, it would have been super crispy. It was good overall. After that just surfed the net, later in the day, did my nails which turned out great. The lines are not as crisp. Now, watching 'Unfaithful' on TV.

Revlon's Coastal Surf with Silver and Black
Revlon's Coastal Surf with Silver and Black.jpg

March 29, 2014

Nail Polish Madness




Last Saturday of March, started out nice and sunny...

And here I have so many things I needed to take care excited about that. I woke up with a bad dream, little upset/sad. Then slept a bit more, so it was about 9:30am and time to get up and start my journey for this day.

After getting fresh and having breakfast, got my stuff ready for gym, after gym etc. First stop was at the Post Office to mail my Cookware Set. Priority Mail and reaching on Monday. Until the evaluation done, I wait to get a new set, fingers crossed, that will work. I headed to the gym, and shower and was time to make another stop.

Next stop was Walgreens to exchange my new Revlon's. Then another stop was Target to return the Corelle set which I didn't like. And I forgot to stop into the Optical there, bummer. So, DSW was the next stop. Clearance section didn't have appealing things other than a pair of Yellow medium heal shoes. Instead of that, I purchased the 6 pair socks for mom. I am happy to buy something for mom. I came out, directed someone that I am getting out and she can reserve my Parking spot. They were happy and I was happy to help out as well.

Revlon ColorStay Longwear Nail Enamel, Wild Strawberry, Coastal Surf, Velvet Rope

Here is the interesting stuff begins. I had to 100 exit, I don't know what I was thinking, I stayed in the wrong exit. So, I had to take another exit to come back right. I went inside this strip mall, then realized, I did a mistake there. Then I came out, where I thought I had taken Excelsior Exit, so kept going. I then stayed in the wrong lane, I needed to be in right lane. Oh my my, I went passing Target, then realized, that road only goes again to the wrong direction I needed to be. I turned out, and took the correct exit.

I was like what am I doing, Then again, I missed the Westside exit. Oh god, what happened to me. One after another, so then without thinking I took 100 South, I again said to myself, again wrong thing. I was confused by this time, and I got the correct exit. Finally reached the dealer and got my car washed. What a Saturday.

March 28, 2014

Today after work, I made it to the Gym.

After the workout, I stopped and bought some new nail polish. However, I am not sure I will be keeping those. Here are some I purchased and some I would like to purchase.

Revlon's Long lasting Colors
Rain Forest, Wild Strawberry, Amethyst, Velvet Rope



March 16, 2014

Life is at a point where you look back and sometimes ask why...

Does it really had to happen? Why was it meant to be for me? As painful as it is. Thought everything was so beautiful, deep down meant a lot, and then there was something else. Nothing had meaning I guess, everything else is salt to injury...

While the laundry is getting done, I decided to make a stop to Ulta

So, here I reach I see the Bare Minerals Blush and Bronze on the front displayed. I wanted to try some foundation and blush. I ended up Bare Minerals foundation, bronze and blush. She even tried some Prime, so lets see how long this light make-up lasts. Below are my first few make-up purchases, nothing fancy.

bareMinerals Warmth and Vintage Peach, ecoTools brush and Glam Lipstick Aqua Luxe by NYX.

Vintage Peach


ecoTools Fresh and Flawless

Glam Lipstick Aqua Luxe by NYX
Glam Lipstick Aqa Luxe by NYX.jpg