April 29, 2006

Shyame ra mero kurakani

Shyame one of my buddies from TC. He came online I started to tease him saying bahun.

Shyame : Tero tauko, ma bahun haina.
Me : Sanchhai birsechhu maile ta yaaar.
Shyame : Kali ho, ahile.
Me : Kali moti j bhaney ni hunchha, ma: lai merai, ma: lai merai Nepaliko Nau diye pugchha.
Ani tesko ra mero kura hunchha Nihongo ma. Ani feri Nepali ma. Ani ek le arko lai bhooot, bandar, rakchhes bhandai jiskaundai. Ani feri Sunny ra Sarroj add hunchha conversation ma ek chin ko laagi.

Tara aja ko chat sarai ramailai bho teslai jiskauna payera. Shyame bhakkar bihana kaam bata aayekole, sutchu bhanchha ani oyasuminasai bhanera sutna janchha. Ani hamro chat sakkinchha yehin, feri kunai din hamro kura hola bhanne aasa chha. hehehe.........

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A weekend without my wallet

Have you ever spent your weekend without your purse/wallet? If not ,have you ever thought how would it be when your wallet / purse by mistake goes about 300 miles away from your place in someone's bag?

Well, I am a person who never goes anywhere without my wallet. As usual I took my wallet in my tennis bag and also a charger thinking I might need for the nite. Came home in the morning from frens, and gave my tennis bag to my best fren for the weekend since he was going to be out of town.

But I didn't know that I was going to forget my wallet and also my Cell Charger with that. After shower, I thought of calling someone, finally realized that I had the Card in my wallet. Then I realized Wallet is actually gone with the bag. I felt a little odd since I couldn't go outside or do anything for the day. Then around mid afternoon, I see my Cell's battery is dying. Thought of charging then again realized something new. I have my phone charger in the Tennis bag which went to Cities for the weekend too.

Although its just for a day, I will get all my stuff back tomororw but still a big deal at some point when I think that I can't do anything or go anywhere without my wallet. This is something never happened to me, but it did today.

This is it for now.

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