June 30, 2006

Its Friday, no work until Wednesday after today

Friday started nicely except something happened which made me laugh. But I was scared, nervous since I had a big thing this morning. Confident that it will go well, but had a second thought just in case. But things went well, I am happy. Now at work, couple of hours to go then can go home and relax.

I just can't wait to relax and relax. My big tension from my head is gone. Hopefully things will go fine from here.

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June 28, 2006

Wednesday, mid of the week which everyone knows supposedly

Its Wednesday which means two more days of work to go. Then comes a four day weekend. Just got back from '"G_ _ _ _ s" surprisingly a Grill and Bar in WI,superior. Although when I reached there, I thought it was an old storage or something from outside. Inside wasn't the best but was fun to hang out with frens from work. One nice hour lunch time. Everyone has burger but me sandwich. Was not the best choice but had no choice either. Wasn't good but ate to fill stomach. But now I reached work I feel like sleeping, I wonder if they put some sleeping tablets in it. hahaha...Dont tell anyone though.

I can't type better words right now. But sure I can't wait to check out my case for my A/E Dreadnought Guitar.

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June 27, 2006

Tuesday huh!! interesting, 3 more days to go ani ta 4 day weekend kasto majja hai, aha

Its Tuesday which is kinda nice. I am at work, getting a lot of work done. Happy to be at work, working but before that I have a big thing to get over with. :) Well three more days to go then 4 day weekend is approaching which is kinda exciting. I don't think I am doing anything exciting but its exciting enough to have few days off. I wish I had planned something earlier but things don't work that way most of the time. I wanted to go somewhere but just found out that they are not even in their own place now.

Guli dhunka mhiga mummy woh daddy naa:pa khhan jugu ka jigu woh babu yagu. Chhidhigama babu chai pya wona chhona khhaney, uken yana khhan lhaye makhanaka. Chhaney khhan lhanau khhansa nhepuchhe chhonaka.

Anyway just have follow-up apppointment with the doctor today. Lets see what would the X-ray show up. Hopefully nothing wrong with my back.

I guess thats all for today, nothing is on my head to write it up.

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June 26, 2006

Once again today is Monday, I know not exciting but will stay positive thinking new week will bring something good

Monday, the after Saturday and Sunday usually not a fun day because its the beginning of the week. Back to work, but not really want to be back. Want a vacation, want some time off but paid time off though. Want to get out, enjoy the sun, do some activities. Few more days, then a long weekend, hopefully will be fun.

Well todays morning was great, I had a sweet dream, there were really sweet memories in my memory, those moments were just floating on my head. Just wanted to feel those moments. :) I wish I could. Wanted to keep thinking those things and stay in bed all day long. At 5:20 am, woke up. Then again slept for about an hour and half. Dreaming sweet wonderful things, but the clock hit 7am, still felt tired and wanted to sleep more. Got up went to shower, didn't really wanted to but I had to.

Showered, got ready with Jeans even thought its Monday, wore a yellowish shirt with a clear strip sandle and yellowish purse with a dark brown Sunglasses. Everything looked fine, the weather was nice outside then thought of walking to work, then headed to road. Walked reached work in less than half hour. Felt really fresh. The begining of the day and week was good, lets see how the whole day and week goes.

Everything went ok but the back pain, coming back slowly after sitting. :(

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June 23, 2006

Was very excited for Friday to come

I certainly was excited for Friday to come like others. Was thinking of new Movie "Click", thinking of 2 days off without work, got time to rest, exercise, walk, shop anything I want. But the day really didn't turn good. But I'm still happy thinking that I get some rest, hopefully back will get some rest too. And more exciting part is I will get to talk to my parents and younger brother.

My younger brother reminded me of the stuff what he is going through. Hopefully he will get into Med school soon, I am getting worried about him now. I don't want him to go through things like went through. Although he has already faced most of the things. Anyway I only wish everyone to have a good wonderful life and get everything they get that they work hard for.

Have a good weekend to myself.

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Full of regret and no words except apology

There are times in your life that you think you are doing the right thing but the truth is what you are doing is really not a correct thing. You wouldn't exactly know until you get the result of it. I did something that I should not have done. I thought I was doing a right thing and thought I could do that for good reason but didn't work out. I am not frustrated but telling myself why did i decide to do so, couldn't I give a second thought to take that decision.

Well, no matter how optimist you are, you can't really stop wrong things to happen in your life I guess. And whatever happens, happens for a reason. Usually I say that and stay, try work harder and do right things.
But this case, regret was not a very good thing but of course, it was if I had postponed it or given more time for it.

Didn't go right, really worried, don't even want to speak or think about anything anymore. Feeling ugly really ugly. Now all I can do is, in the future think harder before I take decision like this, work of course harder and listen to your friends at times. Which I do, but today I didn't which was one of the most stupid thing I did. God I wish I could go back and fix. Hopefully things will be fine.

Bring smile on my face and try harder, dont take stupid decisions. :)

Even Scolded even my very good friend. After scolding realized what I had done. Apolozy wouldn't bring the things I told my friend, those bad ugly words. But will try to control those ugly words from now onwards. God help me.

One of the ugliest moment or half of day of my life which I would never forget for sure. I do not want to remember but it was not pleasant so will always stay in my memory.

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June 14, 2006

Severe back pain

The pain was so bad yesterday that today, its even worse. Slowly lower back pain is moving up which means more pain. I am at work now and I have already sat more than an hour and the pain in going up and up slowly. I am sure I will survive today its just that I am worried, something bad will happen due to this severe pain.

Even though I am in very big pain, noone can tell because I am good in hiding pain. But my voice is slowly turning huskier. For others, it sounds like I have cough or cold. Its hurting more and more and I can't do anything to stop. I don't know what to do now. I wish I could ........at least hopefully that will be the end of my life and I don't have to tolerate this pain anymore.

How much can you tolerate, a day, two, month, two half a year. God this pain is killing me.

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June 13, 2006

Lower Back Pain

Have you ever had a back pain ever. Then whoever reads this will definitely understand my problem and the pain I am going through right now. I have been working in the office for the past almost 5 years. I never had problem with my back but its been a while it started. I didn't think that it started after I started sitting on a crapy chair. But realized after the pain got real bad. I tried every possible thing.

I changed shoe thinking shoe might be a problem. In winter, wore tight tops so that my back wont get cold air.
I slept on the floor instead of mattress December through May. Tried all the back exercises. Doctor didn't anything except hurt me more.Went to Physical Therapy, helped the first time but then didn't. Tried hot water bag too. At work changed chairs now, its really not doing any good to me. I am so sick of the pain now.

Right now I am at work and its hurting so much, I want to rather die than go through this pain. I have a high tolerance but its hurting so much my high tolerance is just not helping. And yes I did try other things too. I made sure I sit correct way which I used to before too. I take break almost every hour and walk for a 2-3 minutes. No nothing is helping.

Right now my lower back is hurting so much I feel like there is a muscle on the top of my back starting to hurt too. I am really sick and tired now. I am helpless don't know what to do now.I don't even want my enemy or any person in this world to have back pain. It is one of the worst pain one could ever have and sufferring from back pain is real tough. :( Tried everything but disappointed. I'm helpless among the helpless.

And worst thing is I am not even old. I am pretty young to have a back pain. Some friends laugh at me when I say, my lower back is been bothering me. They ask me what did you do, as if its really funny. They really have no understanding whatsoever how the pain feels like. But I still have not lost hope, trying everything I can, will do anything that would help me to get relief from this pain. Afte rall I am a optimist, never give up but sometimes you have to give up when things just don't work. Hopefully I will be pain free and will get to wake up everything Back Pain Free. :)

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