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Full of regret and no words except apology

There are times in your life that you think you are doing the right thing but the truth is what you are doing is really not a correct thing. You wouldn't exactly know until you get the result of it. I did something that I should not have done. I thought I was doing a right thing and thought I could do that for good reason but didn't work out. I am not frustrated but telling myself why did i decide to do so, couldn't I give a second thought to take that decision.

Well, no matter how optimist you are, you can't really stop wrong things to happen in your life I guess. And whatever happens, happens for a reason. Usually I say that and stay, try work harder and do right things.
But this case, regret was not a very good thing but of course, it was if I had postponed it or given more time for it.

Didn't go right, really worried, don't even want to speak or think about anything anymore. Feeling ugly really ugly. Now all I can do is, in the future think harder before I take decision like this, work of course harder and listen to your friends at times. Which I do, but today I didn't which was one of the most stupid thing I did. God I wish I could go back and fix. Hopefully things will be fine.

Bring smile on my face and try harder, dont take stupid decisions. :)

Even Scolded even my very good friend. After scolding realized what I had done. Apolozy wouldn't bring the things I told my friend, those bad ugly words. But will try to control those ugly words from now onwards. God help me.

One of the ugliest moment or half of day of my life which I would never forget for sure. I do not want to remember but it was not pleasant so will always stay in my memory.


This is kinda very great an apology and I am proud to have copied it to apologize to someone I offended...so I guess that as death is inevitable, so is messing around with the wrong diction...anyways, thanks for this touching comment!!! I appreciate it :)

nice sharing!, thanks. I'll post this to my facebook wall and twitter to my friends.

Before taking any drastic action, it is best to talk it over and listen to what your family and close friends might say. Don't just do it. Any regrets after your actions sometimes are not beneficial as it is over and done with. Think before you act.

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