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Once again today is Monday, I know not exciting but will stay positive thinking new week will bring something good

Monday, the after Saturday and Sunday usually not a fun day because its the beginning of the week. Back to work, but not really want to be back. Want a vacation, want some time off but paid time off though. Want to get out, enjoy the sun, do some activities. Few more days, then a long weekend, hopefully will be fun.

Well todays morning was great, I had a sweet dream, there were really sweet memories in my memory, those moments were just floating on my head. Just wanted to feel those moments. :) I wish I could. Wanted to keep thinking those things and stay in bed all day long. At 5:20 am, woke up. Then again slept for about an hour and half. Dreaming sweet wonderful things, but the clock hit 7am, still felt tired and wanted to sleep more. Got up went to shower, didn't really wanted to but I had to.

Showered, got ready with Jeans even thought its Monday, wore a yellowish shirt with a clear strip sandle and yellowish purse with a dark brown Sunglasses. Everything looked fine, the weather was nice outside then thought of walking to work, then headed to road. Walked reached work in less than half hour. Felt really fresh. The begining of the day and week was good, lets see how the whole day and week goes.

Everything went ok but the back pain, coming back slowly after sitting. :(

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