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Tuesday huh!! interesting, 3 more days to go ani ta 4 day weekend kasto majja hai, aha

Its Tuesday which is kinda nice. I am at work, getting a lot of work done. Happy to be at work, working but before that I have a big thing to get over with. :) Well three more days to go then 4 day weekend is approaching which is kinda exciting. I don't think I am doing anything exciting but its exciting enough to have few days off. I wish I had planned something earlier but things don't work that way most of the time. I wanted to go somewhere but just found out that they are not even in their own place now.

Guli dhunka mhiga mummy woh daddy naa:pa khhan jugu ka jigu woh babu yagu. Chhidhigama babu chai pya wona chhona khhaney, uken yana khhan lhaye makhanaka. Chhaney khhan lhanau khhansa nhepuchhe chhonaka.

Anyway just have follow-up apppointment with the doctor today. Lets see what would the X-ray show up. Hopefully nothing wrong with my back.

I guess thats all for today, nothing is on my head to write it up.

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