July 31, 2006

Power Outage in Tech Village, unusual huh!!

Power Outage in Tech Village, something unsual for Duluth. Although I have seen some power outages its still unusual for here. The last one I knew was in UMD and it was more than a year back. We can't really work right now since we work based on the Sharepoint.

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July 29, 2006

Does she deserve that much blame or deserve to get treated like piece of shit.?

Does she really deserve that? She is one of those persons who tries her best to do good for others.Helps friends and anyone whom she can. Does so much for others but after all does not get any appreciation but blame for everything. She gets blame for every single thing. Sometimes it just gets so damn tough to tolerate. But she can't help it. She speaks for herself which does not help at all.

Some of the blames and things she hears and gets are
1. My grades went down because of you.
2. I would have had so many friends if I didn't know you
3. I would be working in a better place if.........
4. I would have been in different city if .............

Does she ask not to work hard? Does she ask to hang out with her? Does she ask to work there? Does she ask to stay in that place ? The answer for all these question is NO. She always tels person to think twice but NO.

And after all this, she still does all things which she always does. She cooks, cleans, does dishes, does every possible thing she can but finally blame comes in her favor. What could she do. Sometimes it just gets really tough on her. Just gets tired of her life. Just wishes .........but she is born to serve others and others are born to insult, and treat her like piece of shit.

Person helps at times, tries to do different things, but then after that says "I did it because of you." So, then why is she to blame for. She didn't ask for it. But what a life & luck she got, blame but nothing else.

What she does not understand is, she is not the one who tells other person to get involve in thousand things. From sports to outing to lots of TV. When the person does not understand thing called ORGANISATION, what can anyone possibly do.

She tells the person to at least help her to keep the place little clean but that never happens. Person just does not give a shit about what she says, always acts like didn't even hear. Not once, not twice but every single time, every single day. She wishes but hopefully her wish comes true soon. She is ..............................

5. You complain too much which is the other way around.( She should complain if she does so much and gets treated as shit but nothing more)
6. Can't do dishes but at least put the dishes to the sink "That never happens"
7 . Can you please do this?
The biggest excuse or shit she hears " If you dont want to, don't clean, its your problem so you deal with it. I was born like this. "

Hello !!!!!!! learn to throw the shampoo bottle once its finished, learn to throw once you use new pairs of contacts, learn to clean things once you use them. And of course learn to throw your things when those are finished? From of course Shampoo bottle to anything you use. Is it so hard? Is it too much to ask for. Even a small kid knows that, even if she/he does not know will ask parents or elders. But why the heck adults need to be told 24 7 365. Acts like a clean, organised, sweet person but thats not at all true.

God its too much on her. I feel really really sorry for her but she is away from my place otherwise I would help her. I wish I could, God Bless my friend.

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July 28, 2006

I'm glad its Friday finally,...

I'm glad its Friday finally. Its been about a week that my eyes been really stressed, and now finally its Friday so I am glad about that. Not that I don't like work but I love work. I enjoy what I do, and won't complain even if there is more work. Work is just fun I think as long as its in a limit. I am sure if there is overwhelming amount of work then everone will feel tired and might not want to work but. I am tired but I don't mind it. I want enough work as long as I am at work, sometimes working from home is also fine which I do, like yesterday night. But its ok.

Anyway its Friday, thats the good part. I might have to move to a differnt apartment this week which is a lot of work but its ok I guess. Hopefully its for good.

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July 26, 2006

Questions Questions Questions, Do I like a lot of questions? I don't think so....

Questions Questions Questions, Do I like a lot of questions? I don't think so....One of the things I find annoying is Questions. I just get angry/ irritated/ dont know what when I get a lot of questions asked. I don't mind if the questions are valid onces but questions for every single thing I don't enjoy and I am sure no one else does.

One of my very good friends like to ask me a lot of Question. I have told her I will give her Question Kumari her nick name. I didnt mean it for real but at least I can joke with her with that name. And I know she won't like it but I won't also like her giving me a name Puzzle Kumari. But thats ok between friends. As long as names make sense thats fine. hahahaha......

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July 23, 2006

Welcome Back Miss Mary on Sunday on Channel SHOT e

Its Sunday, just wanted to cook something after a long time. Made some spicy Shrimp with green pepper, red pepper, mushroom, onion, green chilly. Then ate with boiled Broccolli and Cauli-flower. Lunch was good but not as good as I thought it would be. While eating, I decided to check if there are any movies on the TV. Luckily "Welcome Back Miss Mary" was on. I read the guide info, it was a comedy so put it on. It wasn't really that funny movie but happens to be a good simple family movie. It finished just now and I enjoyed the End of the movie.

As soon as the movie finished there was a Commercial on channel 605. Guess what the commercia was on, it was on a movie called "Diary of a Mad Black Woman", one of the good movies I have watched. Its not a love story, not a suspense but a little sad story about a Black Woman. I watched this movie last year, and liked it. I wanted to watch a complete movie but forgot about it. Now the premiere is coming on August 2nd,06. I guess if I get time, I will watch it. Its a Friday after next week. But by then, I won't have Cable at my house.

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July 22, 2006

Drive me crazy. Yes, Drive me crazy.

Drive me crazy. Yes, Drive me crazy. I didn't really mean me even though it says me. But this actually is a movie which I just finished watching on Cable. I found the movie so sweet, I just felt so good. The story touched my heart, nothing like this happened to me for a while. But this one did. I don't think a movie except Notebook which touched my heart for the past one year. Anyway today's movie was great.

I wish it was reality but its not. It was just a movie, and I can only be happy watching that. I'm glad I liked it. Sweet love story sweet couple, can it be any true in real life. Well, I dont know what I am saying but I know what I am thinking and what I have in my mind right now.

Don't want to write any further because dot dot dot. ......

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July 21, 2006

I'm just surprised some people are so dumb that they don't understand its not funny to do same thing all the time.

I'm just surprised some people are so stupid that they don't understand its not funny to do same thing all the time. I just find that really stupid. I do not know why people do that but they do that, I guess they find it is funny.

Just because someone joked with you on something, it does not mean you have to do the same thing and take revenge. I think losers only do that. I am serious :)

I think I can't think of writing any words now, I better stop now. Have a nice weekend to me.

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July 20, 2006

Is my taste that good?

Is my taste that good? Most of my friends know how I am. How much I shop and what kind of things I buy and my taste? I do not even think about buying anything if in my eyes, they don't look good on me. I know that things can be really beautiful,cute, sexy but it might not suit you. Not because you are ugly but sometimes your complextion, sometimes your size and sometimes many other reasons.

I have noticed even myself that I kinda good at it. Choosing things not just for myself but for others too. Mostly tht stuff I buy others seem like to love the stuff.And I am good at matching outfits and adding accessories to look cute, sexy, beautiful and decent office look. :)

The reason I am writing this today is because almost all the clothes I wear, carry purses, wear shoes, and many other things, people around me seem to find cute, sexy and beautiful. Sometimes they like the mostly style and color. I feel good that I have a taste that actually others like. And I am not afraid of trying different colors and trying on different types of clothes, shoes, purses which I do not usually wear, carry....

Today I am wearing one of my favorite color sky quarter pant with a sky thin lined thin coat jacket whatever you want to call it. Its cute I know. hehe... not at all trying to say its great. I bought it since it has a beautiful color and looked fine on me. FYI, I am not really a person who thinks I am the great. I am good in many things but don't think I am the perfect and great one. Everyone knows no one is perfect.

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July 18, 2006

So,upset, depressed I dont know what

So,upset, depressed I dont know what, but sure do have confused feeling. Don't want to talk to anyone right now so just typing the words to feel little feel better. Sometimes I think of so many things that happens in our life which you really don't know why it happens. Likewise, there are things we do, we don't know why we do. Why do we server others? Why do we try our best to help, serve, do a lot of things? You don't expect anything in return may be sure some respect but that doesn't really happen but sure get insulted, treated like piece of junk. Insulted at times, told how dumb,stupid you are and etc etc.

Whatever I am typing write now is really depressing to read, I am sure. I don't even want to get back to it and read later. Its that depressing. Its not always you ar depressed but at times you are. You can't help it what can you do.
I thought of talking to someone but just don't want to speak a single word. But just type here whatever my fingers type and my mind reads, doesn't matter how boring, depressing it is.

This probably will make myself feel better. My head feels so heavy, its not headache but just too much stuff on head. Thinking about stuff, I guess rather than thinking about things I better just stop typing and go to bed. Now I know why this is happening. When you see early morning people who shouldn't have born and are a curse to the earth, this is likely for your day to turn out this way.

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As usual summer is always fun in Duluth, no cold, no heat at home, no thick jackets

As usual summer is always fun in Duluth, no cold, no heat at home, no thick jackets. But this year, the past weekend was so hot, I think it actually broke the record. It was unbelievably hot. Although there was a day very hot last year too but this year last week was just really hot. From msnbc I found out that last week was the hottest weekend in the nation. I cant believe how it was in South Dakota since it reached 110Fah. Thats crazy.

Thank god now the temperature has gone down here. I can't imagine getting hot in here like any other place.

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July 14, 2006

It's hot, really hot not just hot but humid too

It's hot, really hot not just hot but humid too. This is something which is not my favorites because hot weather just makes my skin darker and darker especially my hands and feet. Every year, I get worried thinking it will get dark but it does most of the year. This year its so dark already and I am not happy with that right now. For other SunBlock helps, for me its the reason to make myself darker, kinda sad but its the truth.

This week here is so hot tomorrow and Sunday going to be even hotter. Imagine hotter three digit temperature on top humid. I will make sure to protect myself from getting darker. :)

At least its weekend, and I get to watch "You,me and DuPree" tonight. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fun fun fun but more more expense expense expense but its for fun and I am happy with that. I already spent enough today will spend more and again this weekend once again on my favorite part shopping. Thats all me.

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July 12, 2006

Listening to a Korean song

Listening to a Korean song. First thing,Am I Korean? The honest answer would be : NO. Do I understand Korean? Few words. How? Because I used to watch Korean channel (Arirang TV). And have interest in learning language.

First of all, I love learning different languages. Secondly, I love music and listening(also singing) to music from all over the world is my interest, hobby whatever you call it. As long as music,songs are not irritating, heavy metal, I would listen to it. Specially I would listen to love songs, and many other. Well the particular one I am listening to right is a love song which even has a video, really nice song and video. The music just makes me feel like me. The video does make you a little sad but its just showing what someone could do for you who loves you so much.

Lets not write more on it other wise I would just keep writing and words will finish. Let me save words for the day . :)

(korean song) kiss - Because i'm a girl

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July 10, 2006

Monday not one of my favorite days but no choice

Monday not one of my favorite days but no choice whether you like it or not, it will come after Saturday,Sunday. Well this time, I had a very good weekend after a month actually. I went to cities to watch Cricket in a convertible. Ain't it great? Nothing but the convertible makes your day/weekend.

Sunday I went to the Air Show which was amazing, great, awesome. Don't know whats is the best way to say how good it was. My god those F16., Thunderbirds and B-52s were just so great. Even though F16 almost got into my ears, still it was great because it was just great hahaha.....I know what I am writing is not making sense but still I am typing. As long as I understand and if anyone who reads understands thats enough.

Ok now this is good enough about my weekend. Can't wait for Friday, I gotta go watch "YOU, ME and DuPree". I've been waiting for almost a month now. Finally once again I have to write that my weekend was great driving down in the Convertible.Someday I will own one of those. Someday,hopefully I will.

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July 7, 2006

After few weeks, its hurting again really bad

Why does it have to hurt again this bad? I'm just not fond of this pain anymore. Its hurting, hurting and hurting. I am using microwage hot pack on my back hopefully this will help. Here I am excited for the weekend but not for this pain. Hopefully by later today this pain wil go away.

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July 5, 2006

How can you act so smart but really be very dumb and not know very simple thing?

How can you act so smart but really be very dumb? I am not telling myself because I know I am not dumb and I don't act like a smart ass.

There are times I feel very dumb about myself. I just dont feel, but when I feel it I admit it. But not eveyone is like me. In the past 5 years of living in US,I have come across a lot of diferent personalities which I had not see earlier. Many selfish people, people with two personalities, people who grew up learning nothing good but to give hard time to other who actually help you, teach you many things which you are dumb at.

To tell you the truth, I am a person who shares the knowledge I have with anyone, even people whom I do not like. I was never told or taught to be selfish. Always been told to help others and respect others which is good but not always. Because you don't always meet good people so. A lof of people have taken advantage thats why.

The reason I thought of writing this is because there are people living in US who act really really smart when it comes to things but for real they are reallly really dumb. Like people say, they have never thought of a hobby, don;t know different between various simple sports. Which they boast of playing but don't know what exactly it is. How can it be when you play that sport and you don't know about it. It explains how those people are, how much they lie, boast and are dumb. And there are some who really don't know which coast you are living in, what is what.

I think I need a small break now before I finish this one.

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