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Does she deserve that much blame or deserve to get treated like piece of shit.?

Does she really deserve that? She is one of those persons who tries her best to do good for others.Helps friends and anyone whom she can. Does so much for others but after all does not get any appreciation but blame for everything. She gets blame for every single thing. Sometimes it just gets so damn tough to tolerate. But she can't help it. She speaks for herself which does not help at all.

Some of the blames and things she hears and gets are
1. My grades went down because of you.
2. I would have had so many friends if I didn't know you
3. I would be working in a better place if.........
4. I would have been in different city if .............

Does she ask not to work hard? Does she ask to hang out with her? Does she ask to work there? Does she ask to stay in that place ? The answer for all these question is NO. She always tels person to think twice but NO.

And after all this, she still does all things which she always does. She cooks, cleans, does dishes, does every possible thing she can but finally blame comes in her favor. What could she do. Sometimes it just gets really tough on her. Just gets tired of her life. Just wishes .........but she is born to serve others and others are born to insult, and treat her like piece of shit.

Person helps at times, tries to do different things, but then after that says "I did it because of you." So, then why is she to blame for. She didn't ask for it. But what a life & luck she got, blame but nothing else.

What she does not understand is, she is not the one who tells other person to get involve in thousand things. From sports to outing to lots of TV. When the person does not understand thing called ORGANISATION, what can anyone possibly do.

She tells the person to at least help her to keep the place little clean but that never happens. Person just does not give a shit about what she says, always acts like didn't even hear. Not once, not twice but every single time, every single day. She wishes but hopefully her wish comes true soon. She is ..............................

5. You complain too much which is the other way around.( She should complain if she does so much and gets treated as shit but nothing more)
6. Can't do dishes but at least put the dishes to the sink "That never happens"
7 . Can you please do this?
The biggest excuse or shit she hears " If you dont want to, don't clean, its your problem so you deal with it. I was born like this. "

Hello !!!!!!! learn to throw the shampoo bottle once its finished, learn to throw once you use new pairs of contacts, learn to clean things once you use them. And of course learn to throw your things when those are finished? From of course Shampoo bottle to anything you use. Is it so hard? Is it too much to ask for. Even a small kid knows that, even if she/he does not know will ask parents or elders. But why the heck adults need to be told 24 7 365. Acts like a clean, organised, sweet person but thats not at all true.

God its too much on her. I feel really really sorry for her but she is away from my place otherwise I would help her. I wish I could, God Bless my friend.

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