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How can you act so smart but really be very dumb and not know very simple thing?

How can you act so smart but really be very dumb? I am not telling myself because I know I am not dumb and I don't act like a smart ass.

There are times I feel very dumb about myself. I just dont feel, but when I feel it I admit it. But not eveyone is like me. In the past 5 years of living in US,I have come across a lot of diferent personalities which I had not see earlier. Many selfish people, people with two personalities, people who grew up learning nothing good but to give hard time to other who actually help you, teach you many things which you are dumb at.

To tell you the truth, I am a person who shares the knowledge I have with anyone, even people whom I do not like. I was never told or taught to be selfish. Always been told to help others and respect others which is good but not always. Because you don't always meet good people so. A lof of people have taken advantage thats why.

The reason I thought of writing this is because there are people living in US who act really really smart when it comes to things but for real they are reallly really dumb. Like people say, they have never thought of a hobby, don;t know different between various simple sports. Which they boast of playing but don't know what exactly it is. How can it be when you play that sport and you don't know about it. It explains how those people are, how much they lie, boast and are dumb. And there are some who really don't know which coast you are living in, what is what.

I think I need a small break now before I finish this one.

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